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Well done for taking the first step and re-joining Slimming World. I was a similar start weight to you, and am also looking to lose around about 4-5 stone!

One thing that helps to motivate me is a photo. I have it stuck to the front inside cover of my food optimising book. The photo is of me, 3 years ago on my first day of college, where I was a happy and healthy size 10-12. The photo reminds me why I am doing Slimming World, and how good I can look AND feel.

Similar to this, you could also use a photo of you at your biggest. A photo you really dislike, which will help give you a kick up the butt and shift those pounds. It really works - especially if you place it somewhere where you will see it regularly.

HTH - good luck! xx
thanks for the tips, and well done for nearly losing your first stone. I would like to lose a stone by june for my 21st.i think it will have to be a fat photo because i don,t think ive been slim since i was a child lol.
Thank you! I'm sure you will do great, you can do anything you set your mind to.

All of us miniminer's are always happy to help - I've found the support and motivation on here amazing.

Another way of motivating yourself is writing on a post-it note what you are going to be in say, 10 weeks. This is what our Consultant had us do at class last night. Rather than writing;

"In 10 weeks I want to..."
we were encouraged to write
" In 10 weeks i WILL..."

Then stick the post-it note somewhere where you will see it regularly, such as your food optimising book, a cupboard full of 'naughty' foods, etc. Yours could be "I WILL have lost a stone by June" - everyone is different. On my not I have written;

"I WILL have lost another 10lb in 10 weeks time."
I am happy with at least 1lb a week - anything else is a bonus!

Hope this makes sense xx


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good luck on your weight journey - i have lost 4.5 stone now, and its been a hard slog (18months) but i have enjoyed holidays and many (many) social occasions along the way!

I still have another 3 stone or so to lose, but i will get there - you can too!

Best of luck xxx


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why not set youself mini goals?? I also need to lose 5-6stones but I've set myself mini goals, my next goal is to lose 4lb to get into the 16s, and another half a pound to get my 2.5st. Without these mini goals I would lose my motivation lol
I agree with AnwenG - goals are great for keeping you motivated!

If you're struggling to set reasonable goals for yourself, why not stick to the ones SW seem to follow, every 7lb - you will even be rewarded with stickers and certificates from SW :D


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I have to disagree with the 'fat photo' as motivation. I know lots of people use this, but really think it is damaging behaviour

It is practically impossible to be motivated by negativity- you are basically saying 'look how horrible you look' to try and get yourself to change behaviour- would you do this to a child or loved one? Would you tell your best friend that she looked fat to motivate her to lose weight or tell your child they were thick to get them to work harder at school? NO! You would encourage them and fill them with confidence and show them the positive things they can achieve by changing.

Use a photo of yourself looking slim as motivation. Use a picture of a dress that you can't wait to buy, or a picture of a beach that you want to lie on in a bikini, or a picture of a theme park that you can't wait to visit.

Treat yourself with a little respect and really try and avoid the mental bullying of telling yourself how horrible you look- it is so damaging

Look towards all the amazing things that you will feel/wear/experience as a result of losing weight - that is the ultimate motivation
cocktailprincess, I guess it's all really a matter of opinion.

I personally find having a photo of me at my biggest really motivating - it doesn't get me down and I don't constantly put myself down or tell myself how 'fat' I look there - It simply helps to show me how far I have come from that point up until now, and encourages me to carry on doing exactly what I'm doing.

I do, however, understand where you are coming from. I just think different people see things in different ways. For some it could be damaging - for others highly motivating and encouraging.


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I dont have a 'slim' photo as i have never been slim/normal sized.

I have recently updated my signature to have a 'before', and my most recent photo, which reminds me of how well i have done.....i hope this isnt negative?!?!

Ellebear - you look AMAZING and it is inspirational to see the transformation. You were gorgeous when you were bigger and even more so now. xx
dollydoodah said:
Ellebear - you look AMAZING and it is inspirational to see the transformation. You were gorgeous when you were bigger and even more so now. xx
Could not agree more - you look amazing EB. If it helps to have a 'fat' photo to remind you why you're doing this then fine! Nothing negative in that.
thanks for all the advice, i will set myself mini goals and my first will be a stone lost by 18th of june, ellebear you look fantastic well done girl x


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Hi Nessaj - welcome to SW....I restarted SW in Jan and have just rejoined these forums to try and find some extra support and motivation!
I think the mini goals idea is great. I've lost 1st 9 pounds so far and found little goals really helpful - especially when it is to put you into a lower stone bracket - nothing feels nicer than that!!!

I think the other thing to remember is that we are all human, and we can go a little off track at times, but remembering your goals can keep you focused.
My SW consultant said something yesterday that really inspired me - if you have a bunch of 7 beautiful flowers and one died would you throw away the whole bunch, or just get rid of the dead one and continue to enjoy and admire the good 6? This has really helped me to see that ideally I will food optimise 7 days a week, but if something goes wrong on one day I need to stick at it!!!
well done sazie for losing 1st 9lb i have realised now not to set my goals to high think when you set you goals slightly lower you feel fantastic when you hit your goal, more that setting a higher one and not always hitting it x


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thanks Getting Fit - still got a way to go though :) i didnt gain this weight in one year, i think i have been gaining it since i was 18 - i am 32 now!!!! so its gonna take a while to come off is what i tell myself!



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I definitely agree lots of small goals over a long period of time. I reckon there's much more chance of keeping it off that way too!
There's a book i was told to read once called eat that frog! It asks the question - how do you eat a particularly large & ugly frog? Answer ? Slowly & in small chucks.
Weight loss is no different!
There's a book i was told to read once called eat that frog! It asks the question - how do you eat a particularly large & ugly frog? Answer ? Slowly & in small chucks.
Weight loss is no different!
Love it!
trying to stick to it

Hi i have recently started slimming world again and really need to lose 2 and half stone but i always seem to give up. COULD REALLY DO WITH ANY ENCOURAGEMENT AND HELP AVAILABLE:cry:

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