Motivational Expressions :)


Loving CD SS!
Hi all :)
At my 2nd WI today my CDC were having a chat about some of the fears that come up as we're 100%SSing...Fears which sometimes tempt us (and win, unfortunately) to cheat.

She suggested that reducing your weight on CD - because it comes off so quickly - can feel like you've jumped out of a plane and are free falling. And it might take some time for your brain to catch up to your body, but to enjoy the free fall - you've got nothing to fear because when you reach your goal...'There's no splat!'

And with that we had a great laugh as I said I'd be adding the 'There's no splat!' to my minimins signature! rofl :8855:

I figured it might not make too much sense though on its own, so I decided on:

"Enjoy the freefall...Nothing to fear, as there is no splat!"

I think we all know the expressions such as 'If you're not hungry, food isn't the answer'...

But have you got any more expressions that you say to yourself - or to others on here - to help keep the motivation high, and keep us sticking 100% to this fantastic programme?

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That made me smile hun xx

Mine is...

"Don't dream it.... be it!"


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Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels


Loving CD SS!
Oooh! Both good'uns ladies, ta!

And hey Porgeous - you keep changing your sig pix - fantastic! Really showing just how awesome your transformation has been! I've avoided having full-length (even half-length!) photos of me my whole life, so I've been struggling to find any to post... (and who am I kidding....I'm still not confident enough to post a fat-me pic! Maybe when I lose my 1st stone....and I've only 2lbs to go for that! lol)