Mousse Mix?


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westiedog said:
Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of times you can use Mousse Mix with a pack each day?

Thanks in advance x

Only 2 times westie I'm afraid!

Sexy xx


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I've never used the mousse mix. I find if you use 150mls of ice cold water with the pack and mix it for a good 3 minutes with a hand blender it goes really thick like a mousse - try it! The water does have to be ice cold tho'!

Pinkie :)

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Sexychick may be right...

Although, I thought it was 2 teapoons a day, which is one helping when used with a whole pack...

Hmm, may be worth checking with your counsellor... :)

As a side note, I also find it doesn't work so well with choc... but love it with the strawb mix! :D