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I think you need to eat it quite soon after making it. Also need to drink extra water to make up for what you did not have in the mousse
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You could always have a shake followed by a mousse if you are running out of day and still need to have 2 more. I have done that quite often, I have the mousse first and wash it down with a shake if I have 2 left to have and it's getting late in the day.
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I thought the mousse would be a welcome change but I really didnt like it. At the chemist I wasn't offered the flapjacks is this normal for the first couple of weeks? I might ask and see coz it might be nice to have something to chew on!!

nic x
Chew a bit of cardboard with some sawdust stuck to it!!! (tastes the same to me!)
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Haha TracyAnne are they really that bad? If they are anything like that chicken soup, god i never tasted anything so horrific in my life, I went back down to the chemist and asked to change them lol xxx
Funnily enough I'm quite enjoying the soup this weather! x
Are you, thats good tho coz it makes a change from drinking sweet things all the time, I like to add hot water to the shakes with the spoon of coffee as someone suggested here and I look forward to it!! This is coming from someone who never drank tea or coffee!!! xxx
I was always more of a savoury kinda girl, guess that's why I like to break up the shakes with something that almost resembles soup!! It's hard to get the right consistency with it though, I find. Sometimes it's a tad lumpy done in the microvave (I've been known to literally explode a bowl of soup too...did it on too high a setting!!) so I do it on the hob now starting with cold water and stirring with a whisk. I know you're not supposed to, but I add a pinch of black pepper sometimes to cheer it up.

x S
Lol shivie exploding soup? sounds like something i would do!! maybe il try it again in a couple of wks see how i get on then, my tastebuds might have changed :)

Oh god pretty peach that sounds awful i might pass on that lol

Cardboard with saw dust Stuck to it would Taste better jf u ask me lol more like cat food moulded together covered in marmite eurgh x
But I like marmite!!!
more like it's been dipped in stale peanut butter


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I love the soup. makes feel warm inside.
all i do it turn on the hot water tap and put my 8 whatever it is in, then whizz the soup up with my blender as normal. yummy, the only thing which is hard to do is not put the bread in the soup too!!!!

soup without bread! soooooo hard not to do

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