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moving to atkins

Sorry I cant hep you Mariad1200 but I have never tried the atkins diet.
I tried atkins and felt ill. This diet puts you in ketosis as does Atkins but without you eating masses of fat and salt. Please trust me you will feel tons better on this diet than on Atkins and know that you are getting all your vitamins etc.


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I also did atkins, I was really ill, constipated, bad skin, cramps, bloating etc... and also the weight loss was not as good as this.

I took time off work i was so ill an dlost my (new) job, so I personally dont reccommend it, however, my cousin goes on and off it frequently, and is fine, aside from regaining the weight each time!

good luck.


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From last Saturday I'm doing 2 shakes & a grilled piece of salmon on a bed of spinach, watercress & rocket & still losing weight... :)

The shakes are important as I don't want to move over to 100% food plus I want the RDA% of vits & minerals they provide.. :)

Hope this helps
I agree with Howdy, I have done atkins and it came off but I got bored and I didnt feel that well, however that was probably me being lazy and having the same high fat/ high protein meats all the time. I do similar to howdy, when having 3/4 shakes a day I do an atkins meal when I feel the need. Usually on the weekend I go off plan and have a seafood platter and salad (no carbs) or a full english (no baked beans) and then adjust my shakes accordingly. It's not done me any harm and I figure that it is like being back on atkins, but with some yummy sweet bars and shakes that have lots of minerals and vitamins. If I didnt introduce high protein foods into my diet every so often I know I couldnt stick to the Cambridge diet, but I can stick to it all week and then have a healthy atkins like meal of a weekend. I am still firmly in ketosis, I am controlling my food intake, and so far, feeling quite fab! Hope this helps


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I've done LT, CD and Atkins to lose my weight. Atkins is REALLY tough! It sounds fab in theory, but its can lead to cheating.

I'd stick to two shakes a day and do one low carb meal in the evenings. That is like doing the 810 plan on CD. Maybe look at CD....you have a few options that involve mixing shakes and low carb meals.

p.s.......just to say, lots of the people who viewed your thread may not have been members. As its a public forum, it will register if they read it. You do find people read and run if they do not feel they can offer help and advice and as this is the LT forum, maybe people didn't have any advice. Don't take it personally hun.


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You might also want to do a search on Atkins in this forum, because there has been a lot written about it and this question comes up a bit.

I've posted this before, but here goes again, I've done Atkins, had amazing results but found it really really tough to stick to, regained the weight plus more and got the taste for high-fat food which I previously didn't ever have. Which I believe strongly contributed to my current weight, previously, my weight was about 65/67kg, and although not ideal, it was nothing like I was when I started lipotrim - almost 85kg.

The only person I know who does Atkins as a lifestyle is a girl I used to share a house with who was an absolute exercise addict, swam about 5miles a day, pilates 3/4 times a week, and she had a fab figure but never ever looked well, her skin, hair and eyes looked liked they belonged to a woman twice her age.

The other woman I know who does it, also does a lot of exercise, but goes off and on it again and again, and I have to say, reading Cathy's post about gallstones, I think yo-yo dieting must be one of the most dangerous things to do to the body.
Hey -contrary to a lot of advice here, and also bearing in mind that I'm now doing lipotrim, but I did atkins really successfully about 7 years ago. I lost the whole 3 and a half stone i needed to in approx 6 months with breaks every 2 months or so and I felt brilliant and kept the weight off for ooh -2 years.

I didn't consume tons of 'bad' fat. I had boiled eggs for breakfast, tuna in sunflower and onion for lunch and chicken with garlic, onions and parsley cooked in olive oil for dinner. I snacked on nuts (the unsalted are best) when struggling. You add more veg after the 2 weeks induction phase. However -I have never had the same success at any later attempts, never losing more than a stone. If you've the willpower and common snse not to live off fry ups you could do realy well on Atkins. There is also low g.i. diets which are low carb but include fruit and more veg. Perhaps check out 'just4weeks'.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best. :D
btw -That was a typicla kind of day -not the same thing every day...BORING. You can get really inventive if you've the time to cook.
I agree that low carb does work, but for me I just didnt have enough imagination to make it work, I tried to vary it with boiled eggs, different types of cheeses, low fat turkey....I am sure you can make atkins work, I just couldnt. But because I know that low carb does make me lose weight whilst not feeling hungry, I have had no pangs of guilt varying CD with low carb
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