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Moving up the plans

Hi There

I really need some advice about moving up from SS/SS+ to the next plan.
What is the next step from SS+, and what can I have ?

I have asked my CDC on several occasions, but she keeps encouraging me to do SS all the way to goal. I don't want to do this (and I have told her so), as presumably I will still lose weight moving up the plans - and I do not want to weight less than my target weight. However for some reason she seems to be keen for me to stay on SS (are they on rapid weight loss bonuses ?!?)

Thanks in advance for your help !
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Hi! Have you got the yellow book from your CDC as that tells you what to do and what you can have.

I am sure there are plenty of CDC's around that can give you advice, you might want to check out the new maintaince forum as well.

Good luck and well done!


Trying to stay healthy!
hiya libellule, With your BMI currently less than 25 you should not be doing SS or SS+ anymore and should move up to Step 2 - 810 you can use this plan to reach your goal and then continue up the steps to maintenance -

here's a link to the Cambridge steps -

cambridge six steps to losing weight()

Good luck


Thanks for your replies - really appreciate it.

I never got a yellow book from my CDC - will see if I can get one when I go today.

Thank you very much for the link - I will move up to the 810 plan today now I know what I can have !

Still not sure why my CDC is telling me to stay on SS ?!? :confused:

Libs xxx
Hi - yes you really should be moving up the plans as your BMI is below 25. I have moved up already and my BMI is at 25. You will still lose weight even though you move up -
Hi Pretika

Thanks for the reply - have been to see my CDC again and she is still trying to steer my towards doing SS. I said I definitely wanted to move up the plans, as I do not want to go below my target weight. She said that she had not got any information on the higher plans, but I could find it online (luckily LellyCD sent me the link earlier, so I have already printed this off).

Am I right in thinking I need to have 3 x Camridge meals, plus 175g of poultry or 275g of fish etc, plus the veg and the milk ? The website was a little unclear, or I am just having a dense-day ! Any clarification would be gratefully appreciated !


Trying to stay healthy!
... She said that she had not got any information on the higher plans...
:eek::eek::eek: really??!! To become a cambridge counsellor she should have had the official cambridge counsellor training and be accredited, one of the practice's that a counsellor must follow is to provide a yellow weight care booklet to every client and discuss the long term maintenance plan! (the reason i know this as i am in the middle if my training just now). you shouldn't have to be looking up the other plans online that's the service you are paying for. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I wouldn't want anyone to be getting duff advice...it's your health after all.

and yes 810 cals is 3 x packs plus milk and protein and veg meal...and water of course.

Hope you get on well with it!
HI Lillebelle - I second Lelly's comments - it is absurd that your CDC does not know the information that you need
My CDC has told me to go on AAM (810) but says i still have to have 4 shakes a day. This confuses me as i cant find that in the book??
Just had quorn and veg for tea...my belly is stuffed lol!
Didn't realise how much quorn is allowed, i had to put one fillet back in the bag as i found 4 were quite enough!
Hope you get a decent CDC, mine is really nice but i dont get much support and as stated above, im not sure about some of her rules x


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If you were on 4 shakes before, you should still be on 4 shakes when on AAM. Coz when people have 3 shakes before they have 3 on AAM too :) It's coz the meal you eat can't give you the same amount in nutrients as a CD pack.

Does that make sense?:$


Serena's title didn't fit
Make perfect sense....feel a bit daft now lol :thankyou:
No worries! It can all be quite confusing when it's not written down anywhere, I've had similar experiences myself ;-))


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