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Mrs Lard's Guide for LighterLife Beginners (Foundation)

A couple of people have asked for the guides that I wrote earlier this year - based on what worked and didn't work for me and others doiing LighterLife at the same time so I hope these help and I am re-posting.

They are also on my blog, if you want to check there.:)

Good luck everyone in Foundation or about to be in Foundation.

LighterLife - A Beginner's Guide

So here's my guide, based on what worked and what didn't for me (and I'm not "there" yet, of course):


It's really important to start the programme with a positive frame of mind - most people do tend to feel a mixture of excitement and dread. If you've seen the foodpacks before starting, your mind (and other people!) will be telling you that you couldn't possibly survive on four sachets (or three and a bar by the end of week one) a day! Suspend disbelief and start finding out which flavours you like.

There is something for everyone - I particularly disliked the vegetable pack and I tried it at the beginning, middle and end of Foundation and my reaction was always the same. Thanks but no thanks.

To cook or not to cook, that is the question..

I did not have access to a microwave until after Foundation, which was no bad thing as I was ready for variety. I think being able to make 'crisps' would have curbed my obsession with the real thing so if you are a creative cook (I definitely wasn't), you may find having a microwave feeds your inner chef without deviating from the plan.

It is really important to eat all four packs, every single day. No more, no less. And one bar, absolute tops!

And if you still have to cook for other people, make the first week a ready-meal fest. Fortunately, there are enough brands out there that aren't loaded with sugar, salt and fat. The critical thing is to minimise temptation in those early days.

There are enough places on the internet (www.minimins.com) to find some recipes for packs but my advice is keep it simple (soups and shakes only) in the first few weeks.


LighterLife is hardcore - no two ways about it. Going into ketosis can range from being absolutely fine to absolutely not fine. I felt cold and tired for a LONG time after starting the programme but when I look back at my diet, it's not really surprising that it was in shock!

Try to drink as much water as possible - my neighbour doesn't drink any so I advised her to start with one glass a day and build up from then. Otherwise, zero to four litres is a hell of a leap. And drinking water (more than four litres once you are into the programme) really does speed up the weight loss (but don't ask me how).

You are what you eat (or what you don't eat!); lots of people find that LighterLife radically alters their bodily functions. Be prepared and get advice from your LLC about how to handle your particular situation. FYI - I needed 'help' and found psyllium husks in capsule form worked for me BUT you need to check if they affect ketosis.

Ketosis is KING in LighterLife.


It's absolutely vital that you make the commitment to attend the sessions; ok, let's be honest, the DVDs aren't 100% fantastic BUT it's the one chance to really learn and understand why and how you got to the point (wth your weight) when LighterLife seemed like the only option left. Many people do LighterLife becauuse of the "now or never" situation. As you work together, in a closed group, you will be able to connect with people who have had a similar relationship to food as you. It's liberating to know that these people understand exactly what you mean when you talk about food in a way that perhaps friends, partners and family may not.

By making a commitment to attending the sessions, you are making a commitment to yourself. Many people doing LighterLife have forgotten how to do that - make themselves a priority. Many of us are busy (or have been busy) taking care of everyone else and, somehow, we got left behind (to eat all the pies)!

It's really important that you like your LighterLife Counsellor. If you feel you do not connect, don't go to his or her classes. Shop around. Your Counsellor is the one who will support you through this journey so make sure that you feel comfortable.
My own view - which maybe controversial - is that it is much, much better to find a Counsellor who has done the programme because they needed to (not because it was part of their securing the franchise). For example, I have issues with food but I have no idea what it's like to be anorexic so I couldn't really advise someone how to handle it. So how can someone really empathise with me, I wonder, if they have never been overweight?


This is absolutely vital and something I did not do in Foundation. I was too scared to set the SMART goals in week one or two. But EVEN IF you don't think you'll ever achieve those goals, write them down. I wish I had done this because I think Foundation would have been a lot less of a rocky ride (emotionally and mentally) if I had.


Contribute to the group discussions during your LighterLife sessions. What you put in, you get out. Sometimes, I worried that I said too much during the sessions but people were glad to see someone be so honest (about their food anxieties).
Do your homework - even if your LLC doesn't set you any. The Green Foundation book has enough exercises to keep you busy during the week, between your LighterLife sessions.


Apart from walking 10,000 steps everyday, monitored by the LighterLife pedometer, I did no exercise. This was a mistake. I would not advocate doing serious cardiovascular workouts but The Bodydoctor's (www.bodydoctor.com) stomach plan is the business. If you start, as you mean to go on, you may be helping to prevent loose skin by ensuring that you are toning up as you move through Foundation.

LighterLife is a personal journey BUT should not be embarked alone (I don't think); there are enough people online to give you a virtual network, should you need it. Tell immediate friends and family so that they can cheer you on. Find out what works for you!
These are the blogs that I recommend for the beginner:



Some people doing LighterLife tell everyone they know! I admire that confidence. Some, like me, are so petrified that it wouldn't work that we operate on a need-to-know basis!
The best tip for awkward social situations is to say you are on a medically-supervised diet and the doctor has been very strict with you.


LighterLife may, you think, be all about the scales and your weightloss. But it's about so much more; it's about your mind. Successful dieters acknowledge that until they changed their mindset, they continued to yo-yo, losing and gaining the same weight, over and over again.

This is the one time where you can make yourself the priority and focus and it is indeed a golden time to sort out those niggling issues (or big, serious issues) that helped you to get to the weight you are at now.

Ignore the psychological issues that come up during Foundation...at your peril!


Yes, there IS a chance loose skin will appear but it isn't nearly as bad as you think, particularly if you are toning your muscles (arms, legs and tums) and moisturising regularly. The skin does take time to catch up with the diet so give yourself plenty of time after Foundation to see how things are progressing.


Clear your diary! That is one of the best things I can recommend although others may disagree. I suggest this because abstinence is hard enough without having to negotiate a social minefield. This really is YOUR time and the one and only time you will probably be able to make yourself the top priority.

Social events will always continue to happen, regardless of whether you miss them for a few months, or so.


Don't eat food that isn't on the programme, which pretty much rules out...err...everything. Don't cheat because it's true that it really is hard to get back on board, however strong you believe your motivation to succeed is. If you are aware of the pitfalls, you have almost cracked LighterLife.

Hope that helps!
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Morning Mrs Lard & Dancing,

Thanks for the above and both your support on pre and on my first day.

Feel good today! and a bit thinner.........
I've been reading Mrs L's blog with great interest over the past couple of days (I've just got to about June). I have to say it's really helping and an excellent read. I haven't had exactly the same journey (I've been fortunate with energy levels) but I can relate to some much of it I find it a real help.

It's so well written and insightful I find myself up with your high and down with your lows. Can't wait to find out the result of the weekly way in and find myself scared to read when you're about to do something you know you shouldn't.

I can't recommend it enough for anyone who is starting Lighterlife and definitely start at the beginning.

It has encouraged me to start my own blog, it won't be as well written or insightful as yours but I think it will help to get my thoughts down and something to read back when I'm having a crisis point.
Hello Everyone

I am so pleased this guide is helpful. Good luck Christovee with your blog; it does make such a difference and make sure you tell people on minis where to look for it!

Happy abstaining; it's SOOOOO worth it!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxx


Hi Mrs Lard

Your stuff was really interesting.

Do you know that I had never even considered the possibility that individuals would work in the LL franchise without having had a weight problem. I that niave of me?

Daisydee x:confused:
Thanks Mrs Lard! ;) I have also enjoyed reading your blog as it has given me inspiration and motivation to start my lighter life journey. So long live The Lard blog!


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