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Much needed advice please to restarter!!!!

Heyyyy all!! I started the cambridge diet the 1st of jan this year, did really well and lost a stone and a half and made it to my goal weight!! :D Since then iv been eating healthily, mainly quorn salads and low carb stuff but since my mums birthday bash i stuffed my face with pure carbs and got very drunk!! Since then iv been bad, eating little then going on serious food binges with tons of chocolate and crisps!! :cry:I dunno whats wrong with me!! :confused: It's been so hard to get back to grips with the cambridge, iv put on around 3 pounds now and my new goal weight now is 7 and a half stone- before u all start to say oh u are a healthy weight bla bla bla, i'm still quite fat and have rolls on my tummy and back fat!! lol Iv been 7 stone before i had my son so i put on sooooo much weight and would like to get to 7 and a half to be nearly as i used to be, a nice healthy weight for my body- which it is. Any suggestions as to how to get back in to the swing of things and after i have been eating hight carbs stuff- most importantly how long do u think it will take for me to shift my last 9 pounds?????? Any answers would be much appreciated!! xxxxxxxx :wave_cry:
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Hi, it shouldn't take you that long to lose 9lbs.

You need to focus on the weight you have already lost and think that a few weeks 100% SS will get those results for you.

You are very lucky as you don't have that much to lose - wish I was that near target.

Good luck and don't put it off any longer - get back on track and lose that weight! :)
Hi, I'm in my second week of cd. 1st week I lost 7lb which i was dissapointed about as i'd seen other people lose 12lb in their 1st week.... but i couldn't quit as i'd already bought a months worth of shakes! that has been my motivation, just bite the bullet and do it!


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You did really well the first time so you can do it again! I'm trying to address my problems with food as well as focusing on losing weight, as if i can deal with these i've got much more of a chance being successful in the longterm. In the past i diet lose weight, then put it all back on again, so i am trying to change my eating habits forever, and that is my ultimate goal. I don't know if this will help you at all, but its what is motivating me at the moment.
Good luck :)

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