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Addicted to this forum now!

I have just tried to make a muffin and it was disgusting.

Any tips or advice please.
Try My CambridgeLife as pictures and advice for the recipes on there.


re muffins

well I love my muffins and I have one everyday!

I make mine like it says in mikes blog and it is a case of trial and error and seeing how long they need in your specific microwave....but I really dont think I would have got through 3 months of CD without them.:D

Of course they are not like the double choc muffins you get in asda or tesco.......but i do find them yummy and a real treat in my CD day. I would suggest you try them again and see how you get on.
hugs Lou X
Sorry Bubbs but they're on a different eating plan - the kind that makes you GAIN weight!!! :p :D