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Mug Shots 13 syns??


Strutting her stuff
You didn't include the free food allowance for the pasta at the start - that is the syn value for it on a red day when pasta is not free


Strutting her stuff
That wouldn't help though - you would still need to add the free food allowance. It doesn't matter what the plan is, if you use the calculator and the product has a free food in the main ingredients (with a few listed exceptions) you need to add that at the start. It doesn't take long really. But only use the calculator when the product isn't listed on the online syn directory.

the girlfriend and I are looking to get back on plan!!

had the philosophy of eating as much as possible as her consultant used to tell them to eat loads pasta and all the free foods etc. so people were eating 400 odd kcal of pasta at a time and so on!!...

worked out we were eating around 2000 kcal a day plus sometimes which makes it scientifically impossible to lose weight unless your running 20 odd miles a day!!

she's now changed her tune to say sensible portions!!!

girlfriend dropped her portions right down and made sure she wasn't ever hungry but satisfied and she lost 5lbs after plateuing for around 6 months getting right royaly p****d off with it!...:mad:

but hopefully sorted it now!!

everything has calories in it so it didn't make sense to me!!

her consultant went back to group herself and instantly changed her philosephy and that of her members!

I said to the missus she should ask for her money back!!:)
SW consultant has told us all to eat mountains of free food such as pasta and potatoes etc. which didn't make sense to me! so when we had been staying the same for months I checked our calorie consumption and we had been eating for the sake of it (as we were led to believe was right) around 2000 plus kcal sometimes!...

she has since gone back to group herself and has now changed her entire philosephy and what she says to members in that there needs to be sensible portions!

girlfriend then ate to plan for a week and ate to satisfy without ever feeling hungry and lost 5lb!!

I told her to ask for her money back!! ha ha

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