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Muller Light Comparison

Is there any reason why we cannot have orange sprinkled with dark chocolate mullers?

Nutritional information

Energy - 51 kcal
Protein - 4.0g
Carbs - 7.9g of which sugars 7.1g, sugars naturally from milk 4.3g
Fat 0.1.of which saturates 0.1g
Fribre - trace
Sodium 0.1g
Calcium - 122mg

Orange sprinkled with chocolate
Energy - 51 kcal
Protein - 4.0g
Carbs - 7.1g of which sugars 6.6g, sugars naturally from milk 4.1g
Fat 0.5g of which saturates 0.3g
Fribre - trace
Sodium 0.1g
Calcium - 126mg
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Mullers are not great in general, but where flavoured yogurt is concerned in the UK we dont really have any fat free sugar free options so the vanilla and toffee have become recommended as there are not a lot of alternatives.
Orange with chocolate sprinkles presumably contains fruit, and is higher fat than the toffee, so is not a good idea.


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It is a tough one. Mullers are tolerated items so if stalling they are definately something to get rid of. But based on the above information it would seem there is very little in it and since carbs are the worst thing, to the uneducated eye the chocolate one seems best! I personally avoided them and now waiting with my head ducked down into my collar to be shot down in flames!:hitthefan:
I was sure I was opening a can of worms :) however I am trying to look at the big picture. I have to stay on cruise until April so trying to give myself options as a 'treat' which won't do any damage.


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This is from the live chat on the official website earlier in the month. Hope it helps.

" It is true that one should be careful with the flavored fat free yoghurts, as they often have added sugars in them. Check that there are 0% of added sugars, and that carb count is max 14% of which max 6,5% are from sugars - if these conditions are met then you can have the yoghurt. If there are fruit bites (strawberry bites), then one portion would count as one tolerated food item."

Since my stall last week I have stopped having mullers and now opt for fat free natural yogurt and add my own sweetener and sometimes a few drops of flavouring.
Sharon i had a similar amount of weight to lose as you and was dreading giving up all my 'treats' but we are just coming to the end of week 12 and i can honestly say i no longer miss anything. I was THE biggest chocholic in the world and would rather eat chocolate than anything but i havent had any in any shape or form since starting this diet. my sweet tooth has gone and so have all the cravings! Stick with the book you WILL be able to do it! don't look for loopholes it's a slippery slope!


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Not all sugars are equal.

The sugars in the fruit and chocolate mullers is largely fructose, which creates a faster, higher insulin surge in the body, and gets converted into glycogen and fat very very quickly. (This is why there is so much concern about "High Fructose Corn Syrup" in sodas, ready meals etc.)

Other sugars - like the lactose in milk products, aren't digested quite as quickly, and don't cause same the insulin peak.

That's why two products can have an equal percentage of "sugar" but one can be less Dukan friendly than the other.
Thanks for all the input, I am sorry this one seems to keep running. Another for a sticky?


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My "treat" secret is a cheap ice-cream maker (£16), which I use to freeze yogurt with splenda and flavourings (lemon, fresh mint, vanilla, rose, ginger, nutmeg, coffee, rhurbarb, fat-free cocoa etc) so that I can pig out on the sofa late at night with a big bowl of "ice-cream" which is totally Dukan friendly - even on pp days.

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