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Muller Lights - how many is too many?!

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Hi All

I just wondered how many Muller lights people think you can eat per day without gaining?

I am a yoghurt fiend and could quite happily live off the stuff. Last time I did SW though I remember I absolutely gorged on them and had about 8 a day! Oops...

This time I am being more moderate (I think), but wondered if you have any idea as to "how many is too many?"
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Haha, that's something I have thought about. I have absolutely no idea how many is too many, but i often have one with breakfast and another later in the day. They are utterly fab though.
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i eat no more than 3 a day LOL. mainly because i think i'd be over doing it. i try to only eat one.. i could eat them all day though


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If they were not free, would you have eaten 8?

I would say 2 a day is enough, but if it stops you eating crisps/chocolate/fatty snacks then keep having 8!

I would just be wary of eating so many, not sure if there are any side effects as im sure they have sweetners in them for them to be low cals.....hmmmm!

Take care, and good luck with your journey, my personal advice is dont have more than 4 a day!!!!


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i know and i know and i know and i know that we dont count kcals but at around 100kcals per pot, having 4 is like having another meal! so i do try to limit mine.. and i much prefer the fat free vanilla activia cos theyre amazing! so creamy, free and all probioticy too! xx
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I have a maximum of 2 a day, usually one with lunch and one as a late night snack. I NEVER ate yougarts before, only when I was a kid, cos the lumps of fruit make me gag! Nice huh? But since discovering SW and Muller Lights being free (most of them) and some gorgeous flavours too, I'm embrassing them!:)

As for how much is too much, I really don't know! Shouldn't that be down to the individual? Although my C says to fill up on free and superfree foods so.....?

Care Bear xxx

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i have 2-3 activia vanilla fat free yogs a day and it doesnt seem to be doing me any harm at the mo, but they are quite small pots so i dont feel so bad!!! (but i could just keep eating til i popped if truth be told! I love the stuff!) xxx

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I tend to just have 1 a day, usually have it poured over a fruit salad and that does me.
Personally I wouldnt have 8 a day - physically couldnt eat that much if I wanted to, I would have around 3 if the going was tough.


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Between 1-3 low fat yogurts including Activia FF, Shape 0% and Mullerlights :) ETA: I could not live without yogurt, I HEART yogurt :D


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I usually have one a day of the muller lights, or if i'm having smaller yoghurts like the WW ones I may have 2.


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Oh and I just noticed in Asda this week that they now have 4 packs of muller lights which are 120g each instead of 190g. So you could be eating the same amount of yoghurts each day but less actual yoghurt iyswim if you were worried about how much you were having.

And they were only £1 too.


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I couldn't possibly eat 8 yoghurts in a day! I would think you're not eating enough at mealtimes to have room for all that Muller?

I have one muller over my breakfast and maybe one shape zero after lunch or tea, but only if I don't have another puddingy choice. Two a day is my limit, but even then I feel naughty!

All that sweetener isn't good for you either :(


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i have a muller at breakfast, shape at approx 10.30, ww yoghurt at luch time and a muller about 3 o'clock and 1 in the evening, omg that is a lot i did not really think about how many before i wrote it down just now, i think i need to cut down abit.


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i tend to stick to having no more than 2 yogurts a day.....very occasionally ive had 3.
i prefer the ww yogurts so have been getting them but also have mullers.

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I really LOVE Mullerlight yogurts and I have been known to eat as many as the 8 you have in one day! However, I do tend to stick to about 2 per day mostly ..... I don't drink milk so I feel I'm getting a lot of my daily calcium from the yogurts! They ARE free after all, but I do consider the calorific values too ..... weightloss afterall is said and done does come down to

Calories in V's Activity Levels out

I think we all just need to use a bit of common sense generally when it comes to eating anything, especially if we want to see good results on the scales at weigh in time! Slimming World state that we should eat until our "apetite" is satisfied, so if the yogurts (which ARE free) are stopping you eating chocolate or any other high Syn (and generally high calorie) foods, then go for the yogurts if they're going to satisfy that "desire" for something sweet, but bear in mind that you might just be eating things for the sake of eating them or because they're "free foods"? Just my opinion, but maybe worth a thought?


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I used to eat 3 to 4 mullers and activia a day, sometimes more.
When I cut them down my weight loss did speed up. I got sick of them. Over kill! Now I only have a muller or activia if I am craving for them as I had a fridge full of both and was really sick of them and landed up throwing away. What a waste but they were there that long they were way out of date. So now I buy them when I fancy them and had a real craving last week so ate 2 and that was just fine.

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