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MummyEm's Journey!!


Slowly but surely!
Hi All,

Saw a few people on her doing this and thought id give it a go as im sure it helps.

Day 1 so far - Started the day just with a glass of water while I got kids ready and then went to work, has first shake at 11am it was strawberry, It was SO BAD I thought i was going to fail there and then! Got home at 4pm absolutly starving I had the shakes and felt awful. Had a choc shake which I loved, was really nice! I feel a lot better now although just gave kids dinner and it was so hard watching them but not as bad as I thought it would be. Going to try chicken soup later, just not to sure how to make lol
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hiya doing good hang in there must agree I find the strwberry nasty I stick to choc vanila and soup and as nicki says add coffe to the vanilla and choc and kid yourself its a mocha/latte lol!!!!

You dont mention much water, its really important to drink a min of 2ltrs daily

keep us uptodate

all the best


Slowly but surely!
Just had the soup, it was so nice and has got rid of my shakes, for now lol Peeing for england from all the water and coffee but not sure how much ive had so will keep a record tomorrow. Evening are going to be hard for me so ill keep posting on here and watch some tv :)


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Well done for getting through day one, Evening are hard for me too, i tend to channel hop and come on here to catch up as there are so many posts.
Keep going your be at your weigh in before you know it,
Nikki xx


Slowly but surely!
Well the rest of Day 1 went ok, lost count of my trips to the loo and struggled to sleep but I think that was due to worrying about failing!

Day 2 - Started the day with glass of water and half a shake, thought it would help with the hunger to split them out a bit. Just got into work armed with a vanilla shake for lunch and will try to drink lots of water and black coffee throughout the day.
it picks up and gets better, best of luck


Slowly but surely!
how are you feeling hun ? xxxx
Im feeling ok today havent been hungry at all really, not like yesterday. Just had my vanilla shake for lunch, really YUMMY! and lots of water, just hope this evening goes better than yesterday dont want to be in bed early every night lol, hows your 2nd day? xx


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Well done your doing great! The first week is the worst and once you stand on the scales for your weigh in it is all worth while! Roll on weigh in!


Slowly but surely!
Rest of day 2 - Found the day really easy didnt struggle at all. Had vanilla shake at lunch and lots of water. Had the other half of my morning shake while my kids munched on pizza which was really really hard, now having my evening choc shake and struggling a bit with being cold and achey, cant wait to hit ketosis!! Going to have lots of water and an early night to stop any temptation... roll on day 3 :)


Slowly but surely!
Day 3 - Felt really shakey and weak today when I got up, had half a shake and some water, feel a bit better but really hungry and have the headache from hell, how will I know when Ketosis is on its way???


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you will feel like a cloud has been lifted haha

u will be full of energy, and have the worst taste in your mouth ever lol



Slowly but surely!
End of day 3 YAY, struggled at tea time with feeding the kids, came so close to putting some cheese in my mouth but was strong. Ive got a horrible taste in my mouth and its so dry, hoping this is Ketosis kicking in :)
Even enjoying my shakes and water now! Im getting used to it ready for the weekend as if anything is going to test me the weekend will :)


Slowly but surely!
Day 4 - Feeling slightly better today, even though ive been hungry it hasnt been accompanied with the shakes and feeling weak.

I have a swollen belly today as I havent 'been' since I started and getting uncomfortable.

Even managed to cook a proper dinner and not be tempted. Im really tired after not much sleep but apart from that still going strong :)

Looking forward to a soak later followed by my choc shake warmed up.

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