Mums i need your help!


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Hi there!
Im currently doing a maternity workbook as part of my uni course and was wondering if i could ask you mum's out there a quick question.
What healthcare professionals where invloved in your care during pregnancy and following delivery?
Im not sure as i have no children myself, i know the obvious ones such as midwife, health visitor and possibility of a surgeon.
Is there anyone obvious missing?


Oh and merry christmas and :new_year:
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Well, my last pregnancy was in 1976 - but my GP, my midwife, the maternity unit at my local hospital and the pre natal clinic plus a Consultant Obstretiction (sp) (because I had problems with my 1st pregnancy) were all involved in my care, so I was really well looked after.

My DD had her first pregnancy in 2007/08, and I have to say that I don't think she had as many health professionals involved in her care as I did in the 1970's - times change I suppose.

I hope this is of some help to you.
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I had my last one in 1997 I had a midwife,GP, dietician (I had gestation diabetes) obstetrician (I was induced 3 weeks early due to high BP and protein in my water) and a health visitor


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I used to do 6 week classes in a maternity hospital , covering the labour, anatomy of what happened and relaxation techniques. You'd probably have to pay for that now.


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My son was born in 1998 and during pregnancy I saw a community midwife, doctor and visited the hospital for scans.

During labour I had a midwife in the morning and then 2 in the afternoon. They then decided I needed an emergency caesarian (under general anaesthetic) so there was a surgeon and an anaesthetist and heaven knows who else.

Afterwards I was in hospital for a week and on release was seen by the community midwife for a couple of days and then the health visitor.


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My little boy was born in 2008, during pregnancy i saw my gp and a community team of midwives rather than just one midwife as they where shortstaffed.
During labour i had 2 midwives as there was a shift change so i started with one and then had the head midwife until my section as she was the only constant midwife during the changeover and they like you to have the same one if possible. There was a nurse to put a drip port in in case it was needed and a peadiatrician (sp) as my son was transverse so he needed to be monitered by someone with a bit more knowledge. Then when it became knowledge that i needed the section i had 2 aneasthetists (sp) to get the epidural in and a surgeon.
Afterwards was midwife and a peadiatrician again while in hospital and then 2 visits from the community midwife. He is also under a health visitor until he is 5 like all children.


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Home birth for me, GP, midwife and health worker after the birth, brilliant!

Oh yeah, the person who does the scans at the hospital.