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Call me Linzi...
Feel like I've got the munchies today... crazy as I've not felt like this for the past 3 weeks.. only thing I can think is that I've introduced coleslaw & atkins bars in yesterday & today, they must send my taste buds off!!

Does anyone else have days where they feel hungrier or things that make them want to munch?
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I'm craving that sweet brown stuff at the moment too. I don't know why as I haven't touched any for over 3 weeks. I'm not feeling horrendously bored or anything. I'm an emotional eater.
Boredom for me too. im never really starving on this diet but if ive had my lunch and still hungry ill just have cup decaf or loads of water!!
I darent try those atkins bars - I really do think it will be the downfall of me!
Hmm, I used to snack a lot on Scratchings and those mini pepperami's on induction.
i dont really get the munchies! but ive been snacking on cheese stings as sometimes its 5.5 hours between meal times for me at work!
will treat myself when i get to 12st excatually with an atkins bar! lol how sad am i?


Call me Linzi...
I've been keeping to 3 meals a day since starting... I know before I've kinda grazed all day due to boredom & also b'coz if its low carb its ok, this time I'm trying to be more disciplined b'coz if I'm eating well breakfast, lunch & dinner I really don't need a snack too!!

I've only had Atkins bars as a treat or pudding like you say Laura but I think I'll knock them on the head & stick to my 2 squares of dark chocolate again if I fancy it...

Atkins teaches you alot about your body & cravings etc doesn't it!
On the official Atkins board they say, 3 meals a day and two snacks are perfectly okay.

Eat when hungry, is the mantra there!

We shouldn't let ourselves get too hungry cos it can lead to overeating, or even to a binge. Likewise don't get too tired or go too long without food as either or both can cause us to make poor choices, shall we say.

I am always peckish at night. To counteract this I have added a supper snack when needed around 9-10pm. Better than being unable to sleep cos I am empty or starving!
Maybe it's the new 'sweetness' of the bars has resuscitated your munchie monster. I found that in previous attempts myself. So I'm steering clear this time! lol Maybe have some nuts or pork scratchingsw on hand for hungry days. I am stocking up on cockles and muscles in the morning! lol


going to do it!!!!
hi there when i get hungry or bored i snack on those little cheeses, just one does it i have the mature chedder ones and they do the trick!! also pork scratchings but i find i only need a couple.

The baby bell ones Jo? I find them a bit waxy, or I did until I found you had to peel the wax cover off. ;)

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