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Here we go again!
I think that's one of the best side effects of this diet, it makes you realise your bad habits from before. I was constantly eating before, especially when I was cooking. This diet breaks those habits. Great to realise what you were doing wrong though isn't it?


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yes very true. I was eating for eatings sake. I feel really liberated because I am not under the power of food anymore.


Here we go again!
Got to agree with you. Food is not an issue when on LT and I think that's what clears your head of all your bad habits.

I used to eat all the time. Don't think I've been actually hungry in about 15 years! Never let it get that far. I have to think of food more as a fuel for my body and not something just to do.

I never really used to taste anything, just kept shovelling it in. Also have learnt about portion control, I had none whatsoever before.


I will be skinny again!!!
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Its soooo easily done!!

Im doing it again now!! Its like the fat person in you takes over for a second lol!! xxx


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I love that i dont have to go to the supermarket any more - i tried it when i was on LL and it was like extreme water torture - all that stuff i couldnt eat! So now I just stay away. I am ignoring the hunger (the water is helping) and the cooking smells when bf makes his dinner, and thinking ahead as to what i will eventually look and feel like! So i guess my braincell is getting a wee workout too-who would have thought it ha ha !!!!
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yes very true. I was eating for eatings sake. I feel really liberated because I am not under the power of food anymore.

I realised the same today - I wasnt actually hungry but just wanted to eat for the taste of food and because it was nearly lunch time - just goes to show how much of a greedy gannet I have been in the past! I resisted though thank goodness :)
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yeah eating for boredom was something i did badly was ace though lol


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Lol! I was shocked too! The good thing about LT is that you can get rid of those nasty habits!


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Its amazing how much i use to eat without being hungry i am only on dat 2 but havent been hungry just crave eatting hard when i am giving the baby his pud and have to stop having just one spoon i am glad the food choice has gone and i hope this will power holds up x


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i don't cook much now on LT (sadly, cos i love it), but when i do it's amazing how when you're spooning out the choc fudge cake mix your fingers will just go straight up to your mouth to lick them!

it's like a learned reflex - and hopefully it will be unlearned before i finish LT!

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