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mushroom help


Violet is shrinking


Violet is shrinking
i put the mushrooms (closed cup from asda) into my fitness pal, for 250gs theyre 33 cals....:confused:

ive just checked the packaging and they say 17gs of fat per 100gs and 176cals per 100gs :confused:

dont know if i can eat them?


Violet is shrinking
Cookies Detecting!

these are the shrooms.... asda closed cup mushrooms!

my fitness pal says something completely different
I think thats if you cook them how they described above - mentions something about brushing with oil. So it'll be the oil that is causing the problem.

Mushrooms are fine. i live on them, literally! Love them with philly on! mmmm


Violet is shrinking
ive googled mushrooms and checked several sites and they each agree with my fitness pal give or take a few cals...but that packaging label is as clear as day


Violet is shrinking
thank you!!!....i was sooooo worried then!!

by the time i removed the stalks, there wasnt many left... wish i'd known that sooner,i wouldve been eating them last week!..love mushroom! :D
Its a bit naughty of Asda to do that really. They should give you the uncooked nutritional information. You dont get the cooking information on mince, do you? It just gives the raw information.
In fact, i might write to them and moan because i think its naughty. When i look at the backs of the packs, i expect to find the information of that item, not the nutritional information on how they suggest you cook it.


Violet is shrinking
I totally agree with you there!

annoyingly the label was burried in the cling wrapper and wasnt visible until you removed it..ive noticed that a lot on packaged veg..

when i saw the label i nearly threw the mushrooms out :( sooo glad i posted here first :)

my mum is doing her shopping today, at morrisons so ive asked her to pick me up a couple of packets and mushies and 6 bottles of cherry water,im getting through so much water now :)

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