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Nasty cake...tastes disgusting! Just think how much weight you will loose from resisting and how much everyone else is gaining!

I heard on the BBC news today that a consignment of various cakes came apart from their packaging, fell off the cargo plane, fell onto a fishing boat and dropped into an open crate of freshly caught fish. Of course the pilot was terrified he would be sacked for not looking after the cargo, so he landed, got a boat, collected the cakes that were mixed in with all those stinky and slimy fish, and the pilot repackaged the cakes, and delivered them to the shops. Et voila - problem solved. Let your workmates eat the cakes that taste of jellied eels, etc., yuk, nasty fishy smelling and fishy tasting cakes!!!
When I started SW I decided to resist something, I cant remember what it was. But what I do remember about it was the great feeling I had later on from having not eaten it...and also that even though I wanted it a lot...the world didnt end when I didnt eat it! Its a REVELATION!! From then on i've been resisting and resisiting! But then sometimes not resisting when I feel ive been overly good...lifes too short! How ever cake is very very bad so resist!! Treat yourself to a mini milk (1.5 syns) or some magic stars (3.5 syns) to congratulate yourself :) x
I am having the same problem today. My son really wanted to do some baking and I don't like him having anything with artificial sweetener in it, so made some proper white chocolate chip chocolate muffins with him. They smell and look divine and so far have managed the temptation.

I think I will have to bring them to a friends tomorrow. lol
well I did resist :D even when someone actually brought a krispy kreme to my desk - I came out of the SW closet and said I was following the plan and wanted to have a good week and it was surprisingly easy - I thought it would be a big deal and hadn't really told anyone :D
well done Heather - that fishy story made me chuckle....i always think that if someone has cakes in the office, there is always someone who didnt wash their hands after the loo - and then they touched the cakes....is that a little excessive? maybe, but it always keeps me on the straight and narrow :) xxx

well done again - super willpower.....!!! xxx

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
Awww i know how you feel, in work last week everyone got fish and chips bought for them, was hard to say no thanks but i did :D then yesterday my manager bought everyone some chocolate i said no becsause i was on a diet, so today when he brought more in(!!) he didn't offer me any saying he wouldn't tempt me!
Yes, it is a good idea to associate something you should not eat with something that is extreme and makes you not want to eat it, hence my fish story. Someone not washing their hands too is good. Then what a relief it is when everyone has eaten their cakes, all plates cleared away, and you know you have overcome the temptation. Well done!

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