My 1st weigh in please


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I lost 9lb. Im pleased with that.
Got some bars today peanut and cranbury. Had a cranbury one and wow it was nice. It was a lot bigger than i thought and it was nice and chewie. I got some orange powder from for my water too and im really loving it. It's so much easier to drink with the flavouring. Umm i also got some mix a mouse so i am looking forward to trying that too.
Thanks everyone for your help and advice over the past week its been fantastic. And im even more determined to stick to this diet.
I work from home so i dont walk for the bus/train/office. Im at home most of the time working so to loose 9lb im realy pleased.
Infact to get some more excerisise im going to walk the dog twice a day.
Thanks again!
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That's a great start and sounds like your getting really comfortable with your new routine too. Keep it up your goal weight is in sight!


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Well done 9lb thats great.
I walk my dog loads I am sure at time she says OH No not another walk,where before she was lucky if I walked her once a day hubbie did most of the dog walking but not anymore.
You and doggie will both get more exdersise now.
Well done again babe,
lots of nice new treats this week bars water flavouring mmmmmmmmmmmm a yummy week to you.


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Well done Laura - FAB Result :D

noticed ur having bars this week ....are they allowed in week 2 ?? I thought you had to wait til week 3 to have those :confused: think it's something about kicking some people out of ketosis :confused:

I'm sire one of the CDCs will be along in a mo to let us know for definite ;)

Good luck for next week anyway.....

Hi Laura, well done!! 9lbs is fantastic!! :D I've got my first weigh-in tomorow, I have no idea what my loss will be. I'm looking forward to the bars too - really missing actually eating food.

You must be feeling better in your clothes already!!

Well done!!! :D

Dorset dumpling xx


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Well Done! Really pleased for you. Excellent xxxx


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Hi Laura

9lbs is grrrreaat and truly inspiring. :D I have not had my first weigh in yet but at least I know it can be done. Keep up the good work.


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Well done that's great, doesn't it feel all worthwhile when you see those results?