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My beautiful neice who I have just found after 20 years!!! UPDTE: I JUST GOT EMAIL!



Is back in the saddle!
But she smiles the same as you!!! And she is beautiful as well.

You are both lucky to have found each other. Have fun getting to know one another now.
She is very pretty BL! How amazing to have found each other :)
Thanks you guys!

You know what is funny - you say that about the smile.... all my teen years, people would guess I was my brothers sister - they would approach me and ask me. They would then tell me they could tell, that we looked alike! But we were both adopted and not together, we had different birth mothers! So how funny is that, that some of you see it even in her. :)

I take that as a great compliment!

I think she is adorable. And I cannto wait to get to know her. I have missed her and her sisters whole lives, thanks to my numpty brother.

I am really happy. :)

Thank you!!

Oh my gosh!!! I just got an email from Erica - WOW! What a little sweety!! It feels like Christmas!!!!

She is smart, funny, kind! But man - she was HERE, in ENGLAND, for THREE WEEKS!!! She knew I was here but was afraid to contact me, didn;t know how I would react!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! If only we'd known!!!

wow - this is SO amazing.

She is 26!! Married, college grad - she studied Ploitical Science and International Studies, and considered Law School SHe did NOT get that from my brother!!!!

She sound so lovey!!

I am OVER the moon.

AND - I am a GREAT-AUNT! Her sister Jill had a baby last year. WOW!!!!

There is some obvious sadness about her life without her father, which I can only help try and ease. My brother, god love him, is an idiot. A nice one, but an idiot jut the same!

Well, just wanted to share. I am so excited. At last.

I have alwyas felt so sad about relations with his children - he has screwed 2 marraiges up and I have missed out on 3 nieces and 1 nephew as a result. They were as close to my olwn children that I was ever going to get and always felt such a loss. Sothis is just wonderful.

<happy happy sighs>

she sounds lovely - what a pity she didn't contact you while in england!

enjoy getting to know her
daisy x
Great BL

You needed something good to happen to balance the karma a little.
She obviously has insecurities too!

Good luck for the coming week xxxx
I agree with the likeness. I'd have put money on the fact that she was your biological neice! WOW, that's amazing!

She's such a pretty girl, and sounds very intelligent and is no doubt delighted to have contact with you.

So happy for you BL!!!

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