My best is 43.2 seconds!!


The Diet Guy

See if you can beat me!!
I was on the phone for 2 hours so had a lot of practice!!
ooooh I hate it ,now I am feeling very stressed, best I did was 11 seconds, but i dont breathe while I am doing it so i dont think its very good for me!!!
Yeah normally I could lose twice in 43 seconds !!
Yes move on, move on......
well... i'm shattered after 5 attempts and only 10.59 seconds! lol hope my stamina improves as my weight decreases! lol

I think a round of applause for managing 43 seconds. I cant get past 17 yet. :)
32 seconds! and god that was a very long 32 seconds...
The way the blues move - it never changes...

Hover up in the right hand corner and you'll get about 18 seconds moving twice :)

LMAO! Stop giving tips!!!