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My Big Introduction

I don't really have an excuse for the size I am, I just never really cared enough! I lived a good life and although I was big it never really stopped me. I could still go out dancing etc.

But I just came back from Holiday and horror of horrors I had to ask for an extension on my seat belt, :cry: Mortified wasn't the word.

So here I am, I started eating healthy this Monday and have been starting the Couch to 5K plan (although I haven't made it the whole way through one session yet without walking out the rest...but I'm trying).

So Hi everyone! You all seem so friendly and helpful, I cant wait to get stuck in!
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Hi Neonshock, I've had a couple of 'wake up calls' including a man at work asking when my baby is due (I'm not pregnant)! I was so mortified that I couldn't admit to just being fat and let him think I was pregnant!

Are you a vegetarian as it says No meat on your profile? I am a vegetarian and have started the lighterlife lite plan and am on day 4.
Hi, welcome to the boards!

I've done a bit of the couch to 5k and on my first few times I couldn't complete the programme. But, the more I exercised the better I became. My level of fitness is far better now than it ever used to be, I actually ran for a bus the other day and didn't feel like my heart was going to explode :eek:

Good luck with your weight loss and I look forward to seeing you around!
Hi and :welcome: to the forums! Good luck with the pounds!
Sharkbait1983 x
Thanks for the good luck messages sharkbait, spicedapple, 16to10, Irene, and Karen.

Vegan - Yeah my level of fitness isn't terrible (I love clubbing so I go dancing a lot) but I have realised how really poor it is after I couldn't get through the first weeks programme without a break or having to walk instead of run but I figure when I get to doing the first week without a break or extra walking, its going to be a great milestone. Thank you for your encouragement.

St.Angelo - Yeah I'm a pescatarian (I just don't like meat very much!) How is LL for veggies? I'm doing SW and it seems very Veg friendly.

Right well today I'm going to buy a proper digital scale and find out what the damage is. Look forward to loosing with you guys!
Hi neon, I have in my first weeks lot of food packs a chicken and a chilli con carne which I have not yet been brave enough to try because they are meat flavour, although they are suitable for vegetarians.

It's a bit like chicken flavour crisps that are suitable for vegetarians but as I don't like the taste of meat I can't see the point in eating anything that is meat flavoured!

Thankfully from next Wednesday onwards I can pick and choose my flavours.

Hope you're doing well.
Yeah I cant eat meat flavoured crisps! Im glad that makes sense to someone else. Just grabbed some proper scales so will be updating all my bits and bobs and getting some tickers. Just a few more posts until I can be free of newbiedom too!
Well, there its done, argh!!!! I need to loose half my bodyweight to be anywhere near normal!
First step is weighing yourself, believe me, today I feel so positive and I have had less than 500 cals today!
I just weighed myself and have lost 8lb since Saturday, that's not even FOUR whole days! I have had so many tips from this site that I can really see myself at home throughout my weight loss journey. I think I will set-up a diary...

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