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My Boys


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So many lovely cat threads that i've been inspired to post some pics of my boys.. yes i'm bragging.. but i also didn't want to hijack anyone else's thread :) this is my ode to my furbabies.

Loki, Elby, Oscar & Tanner.

Loki is the gray tabby (5 yrs) he's a little bit feral and he's the alpha male, he's also a wee bit crazy.. he likes loud noises like buzz saws and vaccuums and he loves to brush his teeth with the electric toothbrush (he has his own) and we vaccuum and use the hair dryer on him. lol

Elby (4 yrs) is the Mackerel Tabby.. he was named 'lb' (little boots) as all his paws are white.. we think if it's possible to have a gay cat.. he is lol .. he's very sensitive and sweet and he literally prances.. lol.. but most of all he's got a sweet spot for Tanner and has been known to try and hump him on occasion.. lol

Oscar (2 years) is the baby.. we adopted him from the shelter on an adoptathon weekend.. he was too small to take home that day and had to gain 5oz. We think he's a tabby /coon mix. He's the most loveable cat i've ever owned, he's so gentle and he never claws at you when playing.. he's obsessed with his laser and he 'talks' back to you when you chat with him.. lol He's also got these fangs that snag on his lip so he looks like he's smiling

Tanner is our new addition.. he's the old man (7).. (tan, long hair) one of my co-workers was going to 'get rid of him' because they have kids now and they just put him in the basement all day.. broke my heart so we took him in and now he has a wonderful life with us. He's so precious, i don't know why anyone wouldn't want him as part of their family. He's unfortunately declawed.. we do not believe in that but he holds his own against his brothers when he tussles with them.. lol he can still get them in a headlock and kick with his back feet.. haha.. dirty but it works ;) We shave him in the summer.. give him the 'lion cut' he LOVES it.

In the album are also included pics of Kritter (RIP - 17 yrs.) i still choke up when i think of him.. he is the other mackerel tabby.. looks almost identical to Elby just not as much white on his nose.

My Boys (album)

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Your boys are beautiful!

I can definitely see the Coon in Oscar and poor Tanner, locked away because of children. The woman who did my tattoo got rid of her two cats (ones she harped on and on for) when she got pregnant, said she didn't have time for them. How much time does it take to care for and love a kitty?

Who is that licking the candy? An old work colleagues cat used to lick the sugar off sugared almonds.


from FAT to FIT
Thanks Stellasmammy :) We don't have children so we spoil our boys rotten ! love them so much, i'd have more if i could !

I don't know how people can just disregard their pets who they once loved as soon as kids come along.. children and pets can easily cohabitate and i think it should be encouraged because it teaches them compassion.

Loki is the candy cane licker.. he's just nuts.. lol..
We don't have kids either so all our love and attention is for our furry babies.

Where do you live in Canada? I went to Alberta last year to visit family, absolutely loved it, don't think I could manage a Canadian winter though lol.


from FAT to FIT
Alberta is 3 provinces over .. almost a 2 day drive.. lol it's gorgeous out there though. Been years since i've visited.

I'm in Southern Ontario in Windsor.. the most southern part of Canada on the US border with Detroit. The winter's aren't 'too' bad here.. My husband is from London, UK .. it took him some getting used to! lol


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Great photos!

So cute!

Your boys are fab!

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