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  1. 03holsx

    03holsx Full Member

    I am starting ss today. Im starting at 12 st 3 hoping to loose 3and half stone.. any tips appreciated
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  3. cocobels

    cocobels New Member

    Hey! I started yesterday! I was 12st 5 when she weighed me but I had been eating all day as weighed me the evening before I started so when I weighed myself in the morning I was 12st 3 also!! I'm aiming for 8st 7 but getting in the 9's again is my first goal! I actually found my first day yesterday really easy other than the migraine I had late that evening! Day 2 is going just aswell! Maybe we could be buddies considering your only a day behind me and the same weight!?

    good luck xx let me know how you get on! I wasn't even really tempted yesterday or today!
  4. shazzerb

    shazzerb Member

    Good luck , as for migraines please just make sure on any VLCD that you are drinking plenty of water -x-
  5. cocobels

    cocobels New Member

    Thanks shazzerb! I had 5l yesterday as always drink a lot of water usually so I'm good to go in that department! :)
  6. 03holsx

    03holsx Full Member

    Hiya yeah that sounds like a gd idea being buddies!! I am finding today ok so far have had 1 litre of water so far.... got another 3 hours in work once im home ill be fine coz can keep myself busy ! They say day 3 is the hardest x

    Thank you x

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  7. 03holsx

    03holsx Full Member

    So yesterday i drank more water than i normally drink in a week!! Im not bothered though because i didnt get a headache and i think it helped. So im starting day two!.... im up gettin ready for work going to have my first shake before i leave.... lets hope today goes as good as yesterday!!

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  8. 03holsx

    03holsx Full Member

    So day 2 yesterday went okay until it got to 7 at night I had a banging headache so I went to sleep and didnt wake up till this morning. I feel good now and ready for day 3! I had the strawberry shake yesterday and it was disgusting I am meeting my consultant tomorrow to change some packs over.

    Today is as follows

    Apple and cinnamon porridge .... suprisingly I like this ! Tasted like I was having proper food!

    Chocolate shake

    Chocolate mint shake (this fills me up the most)

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  9. 03holsx

    03holsx Full Member

    So todays day 4, I am in control and im loving the results already... I feel positive about this and I am not going back to my old ways x

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  10. 03holsx

    03holsx Full Member

    Today was

    B- choc shake
    L- choc shake
    D- hot choc mint shake.

    Feels so naughty having this much choc milkshakes lol but i no its working :)

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  11. 03holsx

    03holsx Full Member

    Hello day 5.

    B - apple & cinnamon porridge
    L - choc mint shake
    D - choc shake

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