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My Cambridge journey......


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S: 26st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 12st1lb(46.3%)
Well i thought I would join ranks and start a diary. I am hoping it will give me the motivation to keep going and suceed.

I have been on this diet now for 5 weeks and have lost 30lb.
The first weigh in was 5 days after i started and i had lost 12lb...2nd weigh in i only lost 2lb (after the inital excitement of the 1st one i ate and started to pick) so after that dissapointment, the next week i lost 6lb, 3rd week 4lb 4th week 5lb and this week i lost 1lb (went back to picking again):mad: but this week i have been so good and got on the scales this morning and have lost 4 lb since monday.

I really want to suceed this time. I was actually saving for a gastric banding op as i could see no way out of this body. Believe it or not, i had never heard of VLCD before, i had heard of cambridge and lighter life but never knew what was involved.

I must say, this is the easiest diet i have ever done as it takes away all food choices, but it is also the hardest diet i have ever done, as the temptation of food is always there.

I read this message board religiously.... i do wish i never found it as i am a student nurse with plenty of studying to do and this site has taken all my time up and i have no time for assignments now!! but on the other hand, without this site i really dont think i would have carried on. I love reading everyones messages and losses and seeing that other people are struggling means i am not the only one.

For anyone out there contemplating do CD my advise is DO IT..there is no way you can not lose weight.

I hope i am still posting on here in 12 months time asking for advise on how to maintain my goal weight, that seems a far off dream but it is also realistic dream.

Good luck everyone

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Welcome Ruth, I know what you are saying about the easy and the hard part, it was the easiest thing Ive ever done but the hardest as well!!!

Time to stop picking now, and look forward to your next week weigh in x
Hi Ruth
Great post, you've done so well. I know where you are coming from with the picking after you've had a successful drop. Weird isn't it what we end up doing.
I wish you loads of success to what you have already achieved. I'm only on my 2nd week and am already worrying I won't have lost any weight next week. Good luck with your nurse training.


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S: 26st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 12st1lb(46.3%)
Thanks for your replies and yes i have stopped picking..but it is so hard not to just pick something up and pop it in your mouth. Before this diet i did it without realising it, i never gave it a second thought, it was automatic. Now i am so aware, i keep a bottle of mouthwash in the kitchen, as food and mint do not go good together!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Kate for getting to the second week. did you have a good weight loss the first week? Another reason i am doing this is because of my training. My next placement is in a private hospital and one of the assignments i have to do is health promotion and i have to be seen actively giving health promotion,who is going to take me seriously, preaching to them about diet and exercise looking how i do!!!! and how many fat nurses do you see! not many.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Tommorrow is another day.
(i wish this site had a spell checker!!!!)

Ruth xx


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
hey ruth
welcome to minis
you are doing great
this is my 3rd week on ss
it is hard but just keep saying to self i can eat when i`m slim
great weight loss so far
keep up the good work
kaz xxx


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S: 26st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 12st1lb(46.3%)
HI all

Well the last few days haven't been so easy, i have been picking but it wasn't bad pickin! it was tuna and chicken...but i know i know it interferes with ketosis etc. Today not a morsal will be touching my lips as it is weigh in tonight. I still feel i will have a good loss..well i hope so anyway.

I thought i had better start exercising and last week i bought a cross trainer/exercise bike. I started doing it for 10 minutes a day and now i am up to 20 minutes a day, but still only on level 1! but i will work my way up when i feel ready. I also do 100 sit ups a day with one of those sit up machine gadget thingies. I don't wanna over do it as too much exercise is not good for u on a SSing program...anyone have any advise on this??

When i work up this morning it was so quiet, so i got up early and came down to do my assignment, a 2000 word essay on ethics and legal issues and guess what?? ive not even looked at it, ive been sat in front of minimins!
I've also got a stinking cold so my brain is not functioning properly..thats my excuse anyway.

Oh i was just looking at some pictures i had taken 5-6 weeks ago before i started cambridge, i can really see the difference, especially my stomach, that seems to have gone down so much. I measured myself for the first time yesterday and i have lost 2 1/2" off my bust. 4" off my waist and 4" off my hips:) , so something is working.:D

Right..im off to make a coffee and at least read some books on ethics if nothing else.

Have a good day, will post what my loss was tonight

Ruth x


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Hello Ruth - and WELCOME :D

well done on your loss so far - 30lbs in 5 weeks is FAB !!!

look forward to getting to know you and sharing your success !




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S: 26st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 12st1lb(46.3%)
I was quite worried about getting weighed tonight as i had cheated a little over the weekend..i needn't have worried as i lost 9lb!!!!!!!! how amazing is that, so thats 39lb in 6 weeks. She asked if i wanted my measurements done, and of course i did...i have lost 3" off my bust :) :) :) 5" off my waist...5" off my hips and 5" off my legs...that cross trainer and sit ups is definatley paying off!!!

What i have had so far today

choclate shake at 12
Chicken soup at 7
and i think i will have my bar at 10 after a program i want to watch about twins.

I think the best decision i ever made was to join Cambridge.

Keep up the good work x


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S: 21st13lb C: 21st13lb G: 19st13lb BMI: 46.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
You are doing fantastic, well done and congratulations on starting the thread, it helps me even in the bad moments and I have more of those than good at present!!! Dont beat yourself up to much over the odd bit of picking, yes it does make things harder but you still arent having any where near the calories weve all eaten in the past to get overweight!! Sarahxx.


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S: 26st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 12st1lb(46.3%)
HI everyone

Today i woke up and i am STARVING. Whats going on, my stomach sounds like an earthquake erupting. I try to hold out for my first packet at 1230, only another 25 mins to go.

When i first started CD on 29th march i was wearing clothes size 30.. they were comfortable fitting. Ive had a dig through my garage for some old clothes that i had grown out of and i now fit nicely in size 26..so that another number to add to all those others..2 dress sizes down.

Amanda-jane, if i were you i would get it started as soon as possible, i kept hanging off and hanging off, sayin i will start on so and so date and i never did. Just go for it. ALso, i find when the kids are home it is so much harder. so maybe holidays is not such a good time to start.

Thanks stacey for your post saying this is inspirational...i like reading your posts too;)

Sarah, your 100% right about the picking at stuff. I did really beat myself up about it when i did it. I am still trying not to do it, but still the odd bit pops into my mouth..i can't help it!

Right, im off to uni for a very long lecture..ive got 2 litres of water to take with me and i make sure i am sitting on the end so i can keep going to the loo.

See you all later

Ruth xxx


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S: 26st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 12st1lb(46.3%)
Well today started really bad for me. Had an argument with OH, and what do i do when i am feeling down????????? i turn to food!!! but i did manage to resist all day. Just came back from a trip to sainsburys and my son wanted sausages for tea...he also wanted coleslaw, corn-on-the-cob and bread!!! and i have just picked my way through most of it. If i had put it all on a plate what i just ate it would probably be a small kids meal, but it doesn't matter, the fact is i ate! So thats me out of ketosis for the next 3 days..why do i do it? i know the affect it has on me. Oh well..tomorrow is another day. But i am thinking now, i know i am out of ketosis so why not just empty the fridge into my mouth, so then at least it would have been worth while.
How do other people on here not pick? their willpower must be amazing, i wish they could jar it up and give me a few.

Anyway, i've got a hospital appointment tomorrow for my sons ears, they think he will need grommits as he is so deaf. Im hopeing for good news.

Also, my scales at home weigh me the same as my CDC. On monday, when she weighed me, hers said i had lost 9lb last week, i came home and got on mine and mine said i had lost 5lb, so maybe i hadn't lost 9lb..maybe its just the way i stood on them LOL.

Oh the joys of trying to lose weight.

See you all soon x
S: 26st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 12st1lb(46.3%)
HI everyone.
Well I’ve not written much in my diary of late. I have found the last week so tough, but I was still reading all the posts. On Saturday I started with my usual pickings, and it is tiny miniscule amounts that I pick at but nevertheless it is still food. Well, I went mad on Saturday and thought, oh bum it, just eat Ruth and that’s what I did!! Then Sunday I woke up full of remorse, but had to cook a roast dinner so I thought I would allow myself a little bit of chicken and some broccoli. Today I went to Plymouth and because food was not in front of me I have been fine. Went for my 7th weigh in and lost 3lb.. I wonder how much I would have lost had I not pigged out. So that is 3 stone in 7 weeks. Not bad huh. I will leave it here for now as I have to get my head in to some books. I hope everyone else is doing fine.

Ruth xx


Wants to be a loser!
Greetings from one Ruth to another!

I have really enjoyed reading your CD story so far. 3 stone in 7 weeks is absolutely amazing:clap: .

I am in my 4th week now (AAM on saturday - woohoo!) and just about managing to stay on the wagon.

Stay positive you are doing fabulously well.

Take care
S: 26st1lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 12st1lb(46.3%)
Hi Ruth

It is really hard to stay on the wagon isn't it.? I find everyday a constant struggle, and everyday i wake up telling my self nothing will touch my lips today, yet everyday, something does!! mind you, it is only little things. Like i just ate one slice of tomato, but the day is still young.

Good luck with your journey.
From one Ruth IN LOVE to another Ruth IN LOVE lol

I went yesterday and booked my wedding, it is now official, i will marry on 18th August, so i want at least another 2 stone off before then.

Ruth xx


Wants to be a loser!
Morning Ruth,

Congratulations on you impending marriage :character00250:

I am not getting married myself but I do have my brother in laws wedding August 4th and am desperate to get down to a size 18 by mid July so I can buy a lovely outfit that is not from Bon Marche or Evans!!!

By my reckoning I will have to lose about another 2 stone by then - I really want to stay focused and do it so that means no walking past Hotel Chocolat when shopping.

Have a lovely weekend - I am off to buy a new pair of jeans as all of mine are falling off me :D

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