my cheat made it to ths scales, dam lol


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So ive been good, not weighing daily but after a big cheat the other day i had to have a peak this morning....and have stayed the same so far. Lucky really! Have got til Sat morning to make it for all you people tempted to cheat....dont! Im struggling to get into ketosis again.....and the scales have picked up on the cheat. Its SO not worth it! xx
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I second that, cheated lasted night and now so angry at myself, hoping ketosis comes quickly. It's really not worth it.

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I haven't been in ketosis once as I've ended up having a few carbs every couple of days :eek: (a brown wrap one day, small portion of rice another etc) At first I was worried about getting in to Ketosis as I was struggling so wanted things to get easier... but after day 5 it seemed to get a lot easier anyway :confused: I think my stomach has shrunk and my body is used to just living on soups, shakes and water all day.

I lost 6lbs in my first week, which I was pleased with (even compared to some of your massive losses!) but if I don't lose this week, and it was all a fluke, I will have to be more strict and try ketosis :eek:

I'm on WS, so when I do have my meal in the evening (chicken & veg usually), I can't even eat it all :) Maybe it's the evening meal that's making it eaiser for me? Or maybe last week really was just a one off !! :confused:

I really don't know how you all do TS... Oh yer I do, maybe it's the KETOSIS ;) Everyone is different, but I'd rather lose weight slowly and be happy. Think whether I lose of gain this week will determine how I proceed with the diet. We'll see!! :p xx


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Think you just have to find a way of dieting that works for you. If having a meal at night keeps you going and you still lose weight then go for it :) For me...introducing food this early isnt good cos as ive shown already, i seem incapable of making the right choices,. hence my big cheat. If i know i have 3 packs and thats all i should be fine.I have had a couple of WS days and been ok....but i dont plan to make it a regular thing for now xxx


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trying to get back stinks. I hate that beat your self up feeling the next day when you realise it was just a little piece of food or whatever. It makes you wonder what the attraction is when you feel so bad after.

good luck for getting back on track. HUGS