My cubicle dance!


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When I did Lipotrim before I was always getting complements throughout the day in work about how well I was doing, looked great etc but being me I just shook it off modestly and ended up stupidly saying something negative about myself. There was always this huge joy bubbling over inside me -ha this sounds MAD!- I really was so proud of myself and I did feel I looked well, so..... Everytime I went to the loo which being on LT was a lot- I couldn't help but do this crazy dance in the cubicle! Almost to release the joy Hahaha!
Well I did a mini cubicle dance today, its only day 15 nut here's to many cubicle dances to come!!

Sorry just had to share, despite the oddness!
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LOL, love it!!!
Accept the complements, you must have earned them.

Good for you and think of the extra calories all that dancing will add up to over the next few weeks, ha ha ha.
x x x

Yes we can

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Haha that is brilliant I also get bouts of excitement :) x


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Just LOVED this :D :D It sounds like you're loving how looking after yourself makes you feel about who you are ... I got this feeling very soon after I started too ... just love the idea of your dance to let the joy out though... classic :D :D Good luck on your LT journey Daisy.... I'm coming to the end of mine within a few days... and it really is worth it!!!


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Haha phew when I read it back I was thinking you'd all have me carted off. It's such a great feeling to finally be in charge and I'm so proud I've managed this long and for once I just KNOW I'll last the duration!
I've lost one stone so far, not noticable outside but I feel GREAT inside and its a while stone less that I need to lose!
Well done uklady :) will follow your maintainance diary as that's where I went wrong last time!x


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We all share your joy!!! I know exactly how you feel and it is such a fantastic feeling. This of course could start a trend - all us lipotrimmers doing the lipotrim dance in the loo's!!!


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Don't think I will join in the trend of dancing in the loo at work - I work in a pscychiatric hospital...never know where it may lead to!