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My Diary support is greatly appreciated

Hi all after some advice from Siobhan I decided to keep a diary on my weight loss, I have 8 stone to lose but gonna break it down into mini goals of 7 lb a month. I went to my first WI last night and will keep you all posted on weight loss.
Thank you
Lindsey x
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Yay, Lindsey! Great to see a new diary! :) If you're struggling at all or having a good or bad day just post in here- it's the easiest way for people to be able to catch up with you xxx Hope you're having a good first day...it only gets better from here! :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi Lindsey! .. definatly a great idea to keep a diary! ... Siobhan is a bit bossy isnt she ;) hehe .... where all here for ya and like she says its the best way to keep an eye on each other :) xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hehehe ... yeah diarys are great :D i love em!
Thank you all so much, people are so nice on here. Well I'm having a fab first day so far (but evenings are worse so we'll see) I read somewhere that WW do cheese and biscuits - does anyone know where I can get them I adore cheese and bics so this would be a great treat for me just spent like 2 hours looking at asda for them
Linz x
Hey Linz,

Good luck this evening hun they are defo the worst times, I always feel like a little munch while I'm watching Big Brother...but then I think, I'll be going to bed soon do I really need it?

Anyway good luck with the cheese and biscuits hunt xxx
Hi all its day 3 of my first week, yesterday was good then we were invited to a BBQ, although I didn't eat that much I had quite a bit to drink, so putting it behind me and starting fresh today. Got my meals planned out for the day to make it easier, still feeling determined gotta shift those pounds/stones hope ur all doing well
Linz x


Queen of the Damned
Hiya Linz, aren't BBQs a pain in the rear?! :p Looking forward to reading your success - keep on trucking mate! ;)
Hi all, tbh the BBQ has made me think I've been bad so thats the whole week messed up!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday I saved most of my points to have a take away but still went over. Today we are taking our little girl out to a theme park so I know it'll be hard to resist snack type foods, but I'm gonna try and I will take a packed lunch for us all to make it a little easier. In my head if I mess up once then thats it for the week need to change my way of thinkin xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning Loobylou! ... Its tough isnt it to switch the brains thinking! Have a lovely day today try not to think youve messed the whole week up! just start fresh! new day new eating plan! ...
I know, thank you, had an OK day yesterday didn't count points though. I have today and Im doing well 2 days till WI so keeping that in mind
Hope eveeyone else is doing well
Linz xx

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