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my diary!

hi i am currently doing slimming world but find myself picking at food the ones i shouldnt be picking at. so i have decided to be hard on myself and give slimfast a go for a week or so. i went to tesco and bought the big tin of chocolate shake for lunch and a tin of what i thought was strawberry for breakfast as i didnt fancy the chocolate for breakfast. but ive ended up with a tin of vanilla. i also bought myself a maxi tone shaker to mix it in. on my way back i popped into the gym for an hour and burnt off 800 cals. i have just walked home and had a shower and made my first shake and it was ok not too bad. years ago i bought the tin shake and it tasted gritty but this didnt. i have just poured in into a big glass and drank it slowly and it was froffy too! later i think i will have banana and fruit for my snacks a chocolate shake later and im having salmon with salad and rice for tea. i just hope i can stick to this! ;) good luck to everyone x:wave_cry:
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Welcome, the slim fast guys are really supportive.

Try an electric blender and put ice with it, it makes it very thick and really fills you up. I haven't done it but some put a spoonful of coffee with their vanilla and love it.
Make sure you are eating enough as you seem to be doing a lot of exercise and you will need the fuel your body. Good luck
Good Luck i hope it goes well for u!! xx
day one completed nearly.

hi today i have had a really good day got in lots of exercise as i tok the dog for a walk ths afternoon aswel as the gym this morning. i had the vanilla shake this morning and that was ok and tried the chocolate one and found that drinkable. i think it might be too rich for me. ive had fruit for snacks and a dinner of salmon (240 cals) salad and a jacket potato wich was the size of my fist so i call it about (160 cals) later im having a weght watchers desert and 2 sachets of hot chocolate (80 cals) i have strawberries too if i feel picky.
oh and thank you for all your comments i hope you all have a good day tomorrow .
Well done for day 1!! Sounds like you have had a good day! keep it up. Oddly i found day one hard and the rest of the days have been much easier which is different from usual :) Keep up the good work! xx
day 2

hi everyone i hope you are all well and set up for another day. i woke up early this morning as my oh was on an early shift. but i had a bad head ache and just thought to myself i carnt do another day i want food! so i woke up had a few coffees and peppermint tea to try to get rid of hunger and i got till 10 and had my shake i had the vanilla with a bit of coffee added to it and it was ok. also this morning i have had a banana and for lunch im having the chocolate shake probably more fruit for snacks and later were having sausage casserole wth potatoes and loads of veg with a fibre plus bar for pud. oh and also dont forget the water!;)

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