My Diary


S: 16st1lb C: 14st13lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 1st2lb(7.11%)
Hello all.

You join me three and a bit weeks into my diet.

I hate that word.

Anyway, I was 102 kg (16st1) andat 5f9 that's a BMI of 33.3 :eek:

I found minimins, and MyFitnessPal, and away I went.

I'm sort of calorie counting, and sort of slimming world, but not going to groups. Aiming for about 1800 cal/day.

Oh, and I'm weighing daily. Apparently you shouldn't. Which is a good enough reason for me to do it.

The story so far....

10/1/11 102kg

17/1/11 98.4 kg

omg omg omfg woohoo I've lost weight! And I've stuffed my face - but with good things, and not the usual crap.

19/1/11 97.4
20/1/11 97.1

Ha! this is easy. I've lost 11lb. Reading other people's diaries is sooooo funny. STS? STS? Pah. I'm the weight loss champion. I'm having a curry tonight, but I'll try to be good.

I was good. Just ate a lot. I feel full.

21/1/11 99.4 kg

WTF? I gained 5lbs in a day? I ate 2.5kg of curry? My scales are wrong. I'll weigh again after lunch. Still 99.4 kg.

I'm doomed. Gonna be fat for ever. Ate a carrot. I hate carrots. I want a Mars Bar.

Ate a Mars Bar. (Heroes size). Feel Better. And I'm being good.

24/1/11 97.1 kg (Two weeks) Am Diet Hero once again.
26/1/11 96.7 kg That's more like it. I am a twig.
27/1/11 96.1 kg Turn me sideways and I disppear
28/1/11 97.1 kg Bah. Fat and wobbly again. :cry:

Big Big party :party0036: . Drank an enormous amount of alcohol, don't think I embarrassed myself. Was very very good food-wise, only ate half of what was plated. My head hurts.

31/1/11 96.2 Yay! although my head still hurts. I can't cope with alcohol anymore due to extreme age.

2/2/11 95.6 kg One stone lost. 14 lbs. 6.4 kg A whole stone of wibbly wobbly bounciness has gone. Adios, adiposity.

3/2/11 95.3 kg That stone's still gone. and I've mended my cross trainer so I'm back on it.
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S: 16st1lb C: 14st13lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 1st2lb(7.11%)
OK I've managed to delete a day, trying to post from my iPhone. Ho Hum.

Alpen for brekkie
Jacket Pot & BBs for lunch
A Mountain of apples, clementines and a banana.
I think Balsamic glazed chicken with a salad for dinner from this month's SW magazine.

An exercise free day as my legs hurt from the weekend.

My scales are not my friend today. I think I'll ignore them.