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  1. stephanie76

    stephanie76 Member


    My challenge is to lose 10kg in the next 14 weeks. Today was my second day and I am very proud as have been very good so far :D.
    I am especially delighted as I went to a gig last night and I managed to drink only water and I had a handy packet of light biscuits in my bag, so I didn't need to any midnight chipper or bag of crisps :) So I CAN have a social life and still follow a diet! :)
    This is today's diary:

    milk, coffe and rusks with a teaspoon of jam

    yogurth and a banana

    Pasta with spinachs

    coffee with light biscuits

    tomato salad with capers and shrimps
    two ham slices and some bread
    two bowls of soup (no potato-no cream-no cheese)

    I feel satisfied and not hungry at all!

    My next weight-in is in two weeks, I want at least 2kg to be gone by then!!!!!
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  3. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Here to subscribe, sounds good so far :)

    Edit to ask are you doing intermittent fasting?? That's the board the challenge is on that you joined so just checking :)
  4. stephanie76

    stephanie76 Member

    Hi actually you are right: I realized you are all on intermittent fasting after I joined your challenge..... :cry:
    I had just joined the website and I was looking for a challenge I could join to keep me motivated. All the challenges had started ages ago and yours started on the same day I started my diet so I thought it was perfect....... It came on top of the page as it was a recent thread, so I didn't realize it was so specific... Last night I realized the thing about intermittent fasting..... I wonder: is it ok if I stay in your challenge or do you prefer if I leave? :cry::cry:
  5. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    You stay as long as you like, just wanted to make sure you knew. We're all here for the same reason :)

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  6. stephanie76

    stephanie76 Member

    Thanks a lot :)
    So we can add another challenge: which diet will be more effective? :D

    Today is going well so far:
    Breakfast: my usual glass of milk and coffee with rusks
    Lunch: light soup, two slices of bread with caviar (a present from my fishmonger eh eh :) ), 3-4 spoonfuls of peas and ham, an orange, coffee with a drop of milk
    Dinner: I already cooked a sauce of green beans and I am planning to have pasta with it.
    I am going to another gig tonight, i hope to be as good as i was two nights ago!

    My dietician gave me pasta every day, that is much more than what i would normally eat: I am really curious to see if i can eat pasta everyday and still lose weight!

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  7. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Hello! What diet are you following then, if you don't mind me nosing?
  8. stephanie76

    stephanie76 Member

    It's a personalized diet: I went to a dietician, she weighted me and listened to my weight story and my eating habits. Then she gave me the diet plan. I started dieting last friday and I am meeting her in ten days... I will keep you posted re: weight loss etc.
    It's a kind of mediterranean diet: I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, pasta, fish and olive oil; I limit cheese, meat and eggs; I am allowed one dessert and one alcohol unit a week.
    So far so good: pasta keeps me happy and I don't feel I am dieting at all, the only sacrifice is when I go out, but I am very determined :)
  9. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    It just shows you how people (and their diets) are so different. That would be a nightmare diet for me because I don't like fish or pasta but love meat and cheese!! Good luck, I'm glad you have found something that suits you, keep us posted.

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  10. stephanie76

    stephanie76 Member

    Well, you definitely have found something that suits you: I see you have lost a lot of weight!!! Fair play to you, well done! I hope to be as successful as you!!!!
    To be honest every time I have been successful on a diet, I have cut carbs as much as I could, so this diet is something new for me. Let's see what happens, I trust the knowledge of the dietician.
  11. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    honestly? Whichever one I can stick to for more than 5 mins! I love low carb, just can't run well on it and struggle to stick to it long term. Am surprised how much I like the every other day diet though.
    Med diet sounds yummy...oh, I just like food too much!
  12. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    The one that suits each of us will be the most successful one I reckon...

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  13. stephanie76

    stephanie76 Member

    Hi girls,

    I am back with a bang!

    I was a bit discouraged in the last few days as I couldn't see any change in my weight.....
    But today I had a nice surprise: I lost a pound! I know it is not a huge amount of weight, especially as it was my first week of diet, but now I am more confident I will get to my goal weight, sooner or later!

    My diet today:
    Brekkie: milk, rusks and a tiny spoonful of jam
    Snack: yougurth and apple
    Lunch: pasta with courgettes
    Snack: banana
    Dinner: pumpkin soup, swordfish steak, bread, an orange.

  14. stephanie76

    stephanie76 Member


    Brekkie as usual
    Snack: an orange
    Lunch: pasta with peppers and an orange
    Snack: coffee with a few light biscuits
    Dinner: pumpkin soup, chicken, bread.

    I have lost another half pound! I know I am slow as hell losing weight, but still... I think things are starting moving!

    Today I had my usual breakfast, then I plan to have the remaining pasta with peppers for lunch (I always cook double dose so I can have it two days in a row). I haven't decided yet re: dinner!

    Have an amazing sunday everyone!
  15. stephanie76

    stephanie76 Member

    breakfast: milk and biscuits
    lunch: pasta with peppers, aubergines, and capers
    snack: croissant
    dinner: chicken, lemon salad, bread, 2 peaches
    Goodnight everyone!!!!

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