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  1. Rhian27

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    I I'm starting tomorrow and I hope I have this right. On my fitness pal calories are really low and I don't know if this will matter? Carbs are 19. So wNt to get this right.

    Breakfast protien shake

    Lunch: ham and salad with egg and mayo

    Dinner: chicken breast, broccoli, cheese and mayo

    Snack: chicken and sugar free jelly

    I'd love to know if this is all right but am guessing at it. Wish I was at home so I could cook more as am stumped for lunches and just can't face food at 6am!
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  3. Rhian27

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    All change!

    B: 2 eggs 30g cheese, 60g bacon

    S: Shake

    L: ham and egg salad

    S: chicken

    D chicken salad and broccoli and avocado! (Sounds odd!?)

    S if needed sf jelly
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