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finding my way again !
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after just having been to the Portsmouth meet & having a fab time, a certain new & very special friend wants me to come to the Brum meet.
now here is the dilema :-
on March 24th (meet day) we have been invited to an evening wedding do. The person who's wedding it is is a friend of my hubby's from his local drinking establishment, he is not someone i know well - lets say i know who he is but thats as far as it goes & have never met his wife to be.
Hubby has said if i want to come & my mum will have the girls so he can go to the do then i can come if i like.
my mum doesn't usually mind having the girls, but she is likely to say we should be doing things together, you see OH & i split up for a couple of months about 18 months back, but we are going to Egypt together, on our own ie no kids in May.
basically, where should i go ? wedding or Brum meet ?
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Brum barely know these people who are getting married!! Theres doing things together, and then theres living in each others pockets.....If your mum says anything maybe say something along the lines of that you do lots of things together, but if anything the past has thought you that you need to do what is important for you, and you need to keep up with your own friends...

Best of luck no matter wat decision you make!!


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if ur other half genuinely doesnt mind, why should ur mum? i reckon u should do what u wanna do. u have ur holiday together to be all lovey dovey. ur mums opinion is just that, an opinion not a phophecy :)

i personally would go to the meet. how many dodgy weddings of people u barely know do u have to stomache in one lifetime lol


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Yeah I agree, if your OH is really not worried about going on his own to the wedding. I reckon it keeps a relationship healthier to do some things independently, gives you more to talk about when you're together.

Sounds like your Mum's a bit old fashioned, but has your best interests at heart; my Mum is the same, often making comments and can't understand why I holiday with my girlfriends.


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Come to Brum it'll be better than going to a wedding where you don't know anyone - also if your hubby knows loads of people he may feel uncomfortable that he's got to stay with you all night..... I know I don't always like taking my hubby to do's where he doesn't know anyone - he's very quiet and then I feel I've to be with him and probably not having the best time and I worry he's not enjoying himself either:sigh: ..

If your hubby has no objection to you coming - which he obviously hasn't cos he suggested you go ;) - the I would tell your mum this - just say I wouldn't be going if Ash didn't say it was OK and anyway we have our holiday to look forward to and also we spend xyz time together anyway.....

Hope you do decide to come it was great fun last time and there is even more of us this time..... look forward to meeting you in March:D ;)


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I agree with Birmingham. The meets are so motivational and you get to meet people who have lost so much weight as well as having a great time.
Irene xx


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
thanks everyone for your thoughts - 100% in favour of me going then !
it would be lovely to meet some more of you, i found Portsmouth really inspiring
ho hum :confused:


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Brum meet!!!! :D :D :D