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Original My Dinner Menus for this week


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Have been discovering what is buried in Ice in my freezer and have decided what I can use to save money this week. Here's my dinner menu for this week - tell me what you think....

Tuesday - Gammon, Egg & SW Chips - synfree + 1 HEB

Wednesday - Stewed Steak, Cut Green Beans & Carrots - synfree

Thursday - Chicken, Mash & Gravy - 2.5 syns + 1 HEB

Friday - Spicy Meatballs - SW Recipe - synfree

Saturday - Chicken Dopiaza - SW Recipe - synfree

Sunday - Quorn Sausages, Pots, Veg, Gravy & Yorkshires - 6.5 syns + 1 HEB

Monday - Corned Beef Hash - 4 syns + 2 HEB

Also I am going to try 2 new dessert recipes - Strawberry Roulade & Creamy Rhubarb & Orange Mousse

SO WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK ? I do RED days (I think from the menu you may have guessed that if you didn't already know - LOL).

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Sounds great, planning is key for me and it's great to empty the freezer too - it's amazing what lurks in there (although in mine it's pizza and other bad things so I shouldn't look!)

If you wanted to though, you could do some of the days as green/EE eg Sunday you wouldn't have to use a HEB on green and Tuesday you could do EE for free.

How do you make your corned beef hash? Do you keep the skins on the potatoes cos otherwise you can't use mash pot as a HEX B choice on red.


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The corned Beef hash recipe is

2 x HEB Potatoes (454g) - chopped
tin of Lean Corned Beef (4 syns) - diced
1 Egg - beaten
Onion - chopped
Boil the potatoes. Drain and mash. Then mash into the mash the onion, egg and corned beef.

You can 'fry' this in frylight but I prefer to bung mine in the oven. I line a sandwich tin with baking paper then pour in mixture and cook for about 30 mins on 210 (gas 7). You can let it cool and slice it (good for picnics or snacking) OR do like me and scoff the lot! LOL

REALLY tasty BUT simple!



ps. I ALWAYS leave the skins on Potatoes even when doing them for the kids - why waste money paying for peel you're gonna bin - AND I'm too lazy to peel! (and is meant to be better with skins on!)


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Jaylou - can't do Green or Extra Easy plans as Diabetic and Nurse has told me to only do Red days - all to do with limiting carbs etc




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Ah fair enough!
I've never done mash with the skins on, must try that on red as I love mash. Haven't had corned beef since starting SW over 2 years ago, I didn't realise it was so low in syns - I think this would be worth a try as 4 syns between 3 of us really isn't bad at all!


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oooh could i have the chicken dopiaza recipe??
i love it sooo much!!!!! :D xx


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Me too for the chicken dopiaza recipe please!

The corned beef hash sounds delish! I will definitely be trying that!
REMEMBER though it is only the Princes LEAN Corned Beef 200g tin which is 4 syns for the lot. The other is way higher!
The Dopiaza recipe I haven't tried yet. Will post it when I've tried it - I got it out of an old SW Mag so may be in their archive online?



Trying again!!!
Your menu for the week sounds delish!!! Love the sound of the rhubarb and orange mousse, wouldn't mind the recipe for that if you don't mind! Clearing out my freezer is on my list of things to do at the weekend so I think I will be like you and try to use up what I have buried in there! xx


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strawberry roulade sounds good! Looks like you will be bust in the recipe section!
LOL - I nicked all these recipes off either SW Website Recipe Archive or off this recipe section on MiniMins....... I cannot take the credit (or be blamed - LOL) for any of these! :)


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