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My Dogs


Determined! I Can do this
Thought I would post a couple of piccies of my dogs :)

Buster is 2 and a half and Tia is 1 and a half.

They are cross bred between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and an English Bull Terrier. I bread these 2 breeds on purpose - As I have a friend who did the same thing and it produced a really nice dog.

They were both born on New Years Eve exactly 1 year apart to the day - with the same parents. They are dopey, loving and best of all, I have bought them up to be gentle with everything/everyone - walking them in all kinds of scenarios from when they were pups. Oh, and the top dog in my house is ... none of them! Its my cats, lol they run scared from them after some close encounters with claws when they were young. One of the pics looks kind of aggressive lol but it was just an action shot as when they are playing in the fields they just run around after each other mouthing for hours till they collapse shattered.

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They might be dopey, loving and gentle, but don't look it. (Just browsing the posts for inspiration, just about to start the Lighterlife programme, end of month.)


Determined! I Can do this
I agree they don't look it, but I also have the luxury of never walking these 2 on a lead - or be muzzled :) - They never leave my ankles apart from in the field of course, I have trained them well :) - People have many bad opinions about both of these breeds, mainly because of the media and due to the idiots that own them. A dog (any breed) will be as bad as you want them to be, its just down to how you raise / train / exercise them.

This park in particular, many other dog owners walk their dogs here too, mine are well known and the other owners have no problem letting their dogs off the lead as they know mine are only interested in each other :). When called there is no hesitation, they are back at my feet sat ready to have a lead put on them (I carry it in case any other dogs come into view who I do not know or they do not know until I know what the other dogs are like to be fair to other owners.
i have to agree there like, yep they do look bad but my parents had two japenese akitas. At the time, they had bad press two and yes i wouldn't of trusted them round other dogs but having said that my dad was responsible and had them on a lead at all times due to this. he did cough up for a few vet bills but in his defence it wasn't his fault ours were on a lead it was the other owners that said "oh it's ok, he doesn't fight" to which my dad replied "mine do " and yes maybe they should of been muzzled but having said that the other owners should of been able to control there's and have them come back when they called. it's the press that give these so called fighting dogs a bad name cause of the hands they fall into, ususally young lads that want a bigger and better dog. i know a lad who crossed an akita with a mastiv (it's late can't think how to spell it). yes it's dopey and walkes off the lead and comes when called but it could of gone the other way to. it's like kids at the end of the day ie parents and owners. ok rant over.
nice doggiessssss :) xx


Determined! I Can do this
Thank yousssss :) My babies .... Lol look like a right numpty the way I talk to them lol ... you'd think they were human if you heard me in another room haha ...
when i lived with my ex i had two rotties and a black lab .. i used to talk to them too and they used to be like lil people haha altho the rotties were almost as tall as me haha.x


Determined! I Can do this
Haha rotties are another mis understood breed due to some of the idiots that own them. Lovely dogs :) as for labs, too damned clever lol :D It's wierd how pets (any kind) become an extension of your family/friends ... I have friends that treat them like animals all the time ie keep up locked up on a long chain int he garden, I couldnt do that.

And come on, haha your not THAT short at 5'2 hehe they were big bloody rotties lol, I wouldnt have wanted to attempt a burglary at that property!
haha so you would attempt burgualr if they wasnt there :eek::eek: i knew it and shockingggggggggg :p
yeah right hmmm im sure i seen you on crimewatch :p im kiddin .. infact you will find out i joke around a lot .. its harmless tho lol x


Determined! I Can do this
It's ok, most people that see me for the first time usually say I look like some sort of football hooligan or something lol - I was a doorman for a number years so I guess I had the right look at least haha - but was as soft as dough at heart
well to most people i prob look weird with my metal in my face and stuff but i dont care i know im a nice person and im sure you are too..

i try not to judge people as i know books are more then covers huh? lol



Determined! I Can do this
Exactly! Couldn't have put it better myself, besides, it doesn't matter what people think of your piercings, etc, they really suit you .. but I am biased lol, I am into tatts and piercings etc. You know what I mean though, some piercings etc just suit some people more than others. The only thing I had done was my tongue as well as my many tatts. Had to take out my tongue piercing due to work though when I got promoted.
im addicted to piercings and tattoos .. i have my hand and wrist tattoos.....



Determined! I Can do this
They are nice and unique! Alot of my tattoo's I am preparing to get cover ups for, as I had them when I was 16 or so. My best ones (will post pics when slimmer lol) are on my back, I had them done a few years ago at tattoo conventions, at Birmingham and Blackpool - by the way, great days out if you have never been to any conventions. Best ones being in Derby around September time and Birmingham around April time, Ink and Iron and I cant remember what the Derby one is called.
well ill prob go to the one in april lol.. i love festivals and conventions just never had much confidence until lately .. next year im hoping to do loads of stuff i like...

what music are u into?


Determined! I Can do this
Music, hmmm that was a question I was dreading, lol I like EVERYTHING lol, I guess over the years the stuff that really stood out for me was Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Prodigy, Pendulum, Evanessence, Linkin Park, I used to attend loads of Raves in my teenage years in the 90's ...

I also like R n B, some Rap, the list goes on lol I ahve quite an eclectic taste and my mood kinda determines what I stick into the cd player :).

How about you?
omg lol.. im not copying you BUT.

i love all music ive always said im blessed coz i feel liking all music is a gift.. i feel sorry for people with just one genre lol.. they miss out

i love all songs from oldies 60's 70;s upwards to chart stuff.

i even like old war songs lol.. and some jazz :eek:

my fav music genre is prob indie/rock... i love paramore nirvana linkin park ect lol. but i love rnb hip hop tooo..



Determined! I Can do this
Haha, I remember when I was a doorman at Flares, I loved working there, the atmosphere was superb because of the 70's music, it was a real laugh and yes I liked the music too lol. I do like some country and western too, the only thing I stay clear of is classical really.

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