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My first day, ok so far

Hi all,
Day 1 almost done and dusted and I feel pretty good considering. Had a couple of dizzy spells earlier and a dash of fuzzy vision which is unusual I suppose.

Felt a bit peckish this afternoon but that passed after a bit of tummy rumbling, getting bored with drinking so much water but will stick at it.

How will I know when Ketosis is starting to kick in?

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sorry for being silly but what is tfr?? thanks xxx
Hi, its my first day too!
Quite surprised at how much I'm thinking about food...it seems to have been on my mind alllllll day haha! I'm not particularly hungry but do have a few rumbles going on. Had a strawberry shake this morning & chicken soup before, saving my chocolate shake for my 'treat' later when the kids have gone to bed...some treat!!!
Anyway, first day nearly done, here's to tomorrow.


Here we go again!
Well done on nearly getting through day 1. This first week can be tricky so stay strong and keep glugging that water. The water will help stave off hunger pangs too.

Just think, this time next week you will have your first weigh in result and be so chuffed. Good luck and stick with it, it really is worth it.
Its day 4 for me and its not been too bad. I have found it easier splitting the shakes, so you have them spaced out through the day. Although i've not done that today and i'm not feeling that hungry :)
Good luck x
i`m starting tomorrow .i did lighter life for 2weeks and i lost 1st but stopped 2weeks ago (too expensive).I want to loose at least 5st ...good luck everyone
returned after holiday

Joined back in feb this year but didnt use the site.Lost 37 lb prior to going on holiday 2 weeks ago have put 7lb back on and now really struggling to get back on track. Anyone got any tips re that dreaded 4 till 6pm time when you are really hungry and feeding everyone else. Really desperate to get going again and get on track, away again in 5 weeks and really need to loose another stone Help!!:sigh:
Well done to all you first dayers first day to a new you well done!!
Hi everyone, well done on getting through the first day :D
I'm not that far ahead of you all, on day 11, and I can promise you it gets much easier after the first few days!
Have loads of water, it really does help stop you feeling hungry, and for some reason, the more you drink (up to the 4 litre maximum) the easier it is to lose the weight. I always keep mine really cold and add ice to it, and I just got a water filter as I'm sick of the taste of tap water!
You can have sparkling water as well (not flavoured) and that feels like a change.
I always save my last shake to have after I've fed the family, have something to look forward to then.
Good luck for the rest of your first week!
Feeling lousy today :D Aches and pains in my legs, back and neck, banging head ache, cold and quite irritable (or should that be irritating!)

Woke up 4lb lighter this morning although that's just all the water I peed during the night :rolleyes:
Hey hun, hope you feel better now! I was lucky and didn't get any of those nasty side effects, but they do pass quite quickly. My friend started LT a week before me and her first day was hell, by day 2 she was bouncing off the walls she felt so good.
Its just your body complaining about you not eating junk, like smoking or drugs, its addictive!
Stick with it and you'll feel great.
Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, my first night I should have slept in the bath!
A better day today, just felt a bit groggy and tired. Woke up this morning and realised the naughty cheese-burger was just a dream! Wife said I was talking in my sleep though

"Pass us some of that, go on, giz a bit" :D
What a crap day! :cry:

Day 4 almost over and it's been my worst one so far. I was hoping/expecting Ketosis to kick in today but it didn't unfortunately. I've drunk 3 litres of water plus several cups of tea but the hunger pangs haven't eased at all.

Lost 8lbs in 4 days which is really encouraging but I'm not entirely convinced that this is the right diet for me. People warned me that the first week would be 'horrendous' but I didn't think it would feel like 'flu'!

Here's hoping I wake up feeling better in the morning :D

Is one 'extra strong mint' cheating?
Hiya, day 4 was rough for me too. Stick with it, after that I've been fine and have never felt better!
Don't give in to the mint - if you are feeling rough you are probably just about to hit ketosis and that might stop it. Try peppermint tea, that seemed to help me with the hunger pangs.
It will all be worth it once you get to that first weigh in, I promise!
Good luck.
i felt lousy too in the first week just before ketosis kicked in,i was cold,ached everywhere and felt absolutely dreadful but once ketosis gets going you feel like a whole new person honest :)

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