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my first day!

well it's not over yet! ;) but it's been better than I thought.

I had maple and pecan porridge for breakfast and it was okay ... I prefer porridge with milk but it tasted nice and sweet. I didn't have anything then until 4:30 when I got home from work when I had a cranberry bar, I LIKED that :) And I've just had a chocolate mint shake now, it smelled lush but was a bit watery but I guess that's to be expected - milkshake without milk!

Anyway I haven't felt hungry :confused: I was prepared for today being a killer but it hasn't been ... I really hope things stay like that lol.

Thanks for everyone's support so far! Xxx
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Well done hun! You'll probably find the next 2-3 days a test of willpower but once your over it you'll be flying!! I can really recommend getting a blender for the shakes I do my mint choc in a blender with a mix of water and ice, it's really thick and soooo yum! not like a diet at all..apart from the whole eating solids bit lol

Good Luck xx
lol yes my cambridge consultant said to get a hand blender, I'll buy one at the weekend, where would stock them? can you tell I am not a domestic goddess! xx
I've got a smoothie maker that can blend through ice It's from tesco I think it cost about £14 x
Thanks so much!

Well, day 2 now and I know it's bad but I stepped on the scales first thing this morning - 11 stone 7lbs (and 3/4 so really more 11 8!!) So that's a loss of eight pounds in one day! Of course it's NOT, I was wearing a thin nightie, it was first things etc tec but still it gave me SUCH a lift, I also feel really alert today (probably because I went to bed at 9 o clock lol)

hmm, struggled more today - had porridge in the morning and have just had a choc mint bar which was LUSH but has made me sort of want food more! but I must put the diet first and not be beckoned off track x
I'd keep off the bars till at least week 3 I find it easier if I'm not chewing especially if your ss ing! Well done on getting through day one! X
I dont have bars at all right now, and probabally wont. I think they are useful as a final back up rather than breaking the diet in the first few weeks, but thats all...xx


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Some people do say the bars make them hungry, but you should be okay with the cranberry, peanut and choc mint ones because they have the same amount of carbs in as the shakes (more or less). Make sure that if you have a bar, you have it with plenty of water. That should help to make it more filling. It also helps if they're cold from the fridge cos they take longer to eat!

Sounds like you're doing really well, hun. :happy096: Day 2 is always a toughie, but you're nearly through it. Have an early night if you get the munchies later - you're almost in ketosis if you aren't there already - and then it'll get a lot better.

If you haven't got an electric hand blender yet, get one that has a power of 600W cos it'll be able to smash ice cubes up more easily in your shakes. The more powerful blenders are better for making mix-a-mousse with too.

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