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my first day!

hello everyone on the lipotrim forum..
today is my first day and iv just had my 3rd shake of the day , strawberry & vanilla iv chosen and they are surprisingly ok.. iv been adding 600 mil water and i get roughly a pint and a half shake... im not hungry but had a little headache thats now gone... i had a baby in october 08 and gained 4 stone so im now 11st 10lbs and my goal is to looses 2 stone asap... my confidence is gone and i want to feel good about myself ... any advice is welcomed...
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Hi there, well done on choosing lipotrim, its great to see the weight falling off, i had a baby three years ago and nothing else has worked for me to shift the extra weight apart from this good luck!:happy096:
WOW you add so much water? doesthe shake not taste too watery? I put a bit extra in 300ml.
LT is amazing, it really works, you have to stick with it but it will work, the first week is the hardest mainly day 2 and 3 for me but it does get easier honest!!! I am just staring week 11,
this site is priceless!!! it will help you through your ups and downs!!
Good luck hun x x
thanks so much... being new to this is a little daunting...yes its watery but more water is surely better , my dads wife lost 5 stone in 18 weeks and looks and feels great... i too have tried everything.. i walk 5 miles a day , gym 3 nites a week and eat healthy/..it hasnt worked...well done to you and your weight loss x


Here we go again!
Welcome Tottyscotty and good luck on your LT journey. This site is invaluable and any time you need some advice or support just log on, there's always someone here that can help. Drink plenty of water and keep busy, specially during the first week. It can be a bit tough but once you've had your first weigh in it will really spur you on. Keep going!
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Best of luck and welcome, u'll get great support in here..........


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Well done for nearly getting through day 1 and good luck for the rest of your journey :)
omg... thank yu to all of yu.... all tv adds seem to be about food lol has it always been that way? heading to bed now.. one day done and it was ok... drank 3 litres of water and 2 green tea aswel as shakes.. everyones stories are so well done.. so much weight lost .. happy lipotrimmers all around!! thanks again for the support boost!!


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Hiya and welcome!!

Stick to it 100% and you will lose it in no time xx
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Hiya Scotty. So your dad has been doing LT as well ???? So you know how blooming fantastic this LT diet is then. I've got to say I watch every food/cooking programme on TV now, I'm addicted to watching them and cooking (for my OH) Maybe I'm a masochist????
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HIYA i also had a baby september o8 and have not been doin it that long keep logging into the furum the ppl on here really do help you and dont eat and you will do really well xxx good luck hunni


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stick it out the first couple of weeks are the hardest if you can do that you will be ok. I started at 12:9 and in five weeks I have lost 18:5 pounds. So its well worth it.


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Welcome Tottyscotty. Good luck with your journey. You will get lots of support on here and trust me your confidence will come flooding back really quickly.


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Wecome and good luck - let us know how you're getting on. Keep up with the water, it really does make a difference. x

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