My first Monday Weigh Inn

S: 186lb G: 133lb
:happy036: I got through week one of my healthy new lifestyle and I lost 13 pounds. Of course that's all my water weight... Now the real :airquote: weigh in's begin... Gulp

Wow Leah - congrats!!!! :happy096: that's a massive achievement for your first week! I bet you're feeling super pumped for next week now!!

I see you're following your own diet plan - what do you eat in a typical day?? x


S: 274lb C: 261lb G: 170lb BMI: 42.1 Loss: 13lb(4.74%)
Thanks :)

I try my best to follow the Canadian Food Guide. I don't always have the right balance of carb's vs proteins but I try :)

I'm a nibbler... I need to be eating, so instead of eating the bags full of candy that I usually eat, I eat fruit or raw veggies for my in between meal snacks.

I wake up at 4:00/4:30 am and usually start out my day with cereal, or oatmeal. At work I'll snack on an orange, apple or pear.
Then when I get home around 10:30/11:00 I do my 10 minute work out DVD and have a carrot or celery.
Lunch I have a sandwich of some sort (ham, chicken, tuna..etc), with plenty of veggies in it ie: lettuce, cucumber, tomato etc. or maybe I'll have a salad with some left over cold chicken... Stuff like that.
If I don't have a nap (because of my early work day) I'll have a carrot or celery, or sometimes some whole grain crackers with block cheese.
Then I make supper which usually consists of a veggie, a salad, a protein and some sort of starch. I don't eat the starch if it's potato... I'm not to fond of potato unless it's french fries (chips) and I can't very well eat those
At night I might pop some unbuttered pop corn or have unbuttered toast with jam... night time is usually when I'm my own worst enemy.
Through out the day I'm drinking plenty of water and tea's.

I plan to add more exercise as I go.. I'm soooo out of shape, I can barely move this old flabby body. Although I'm starting to notice a difference in how I move already. Starting to get limbered up :)