My first non yo-yo weekend!


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Feeling strangely proud of myself today!

I have a really bad habit of being impeccably behaved Monday to Friday (4 gym sessions, max 15 syns) and managing to lose a few pounds (I'm tall so a few in a week is normal for me) and then cheat so badly at weekends that I put it straight back on and end up at the same each Monday which means I plateau and get fed up.

But this week I haven't for the first time in a very very long time! Bf had Chinese last night and while I nibbled on some prawn toast I stuck to sushi and my only treat was an amazing Gu dessert. Go me! But already craving pizza (my all time fave!)

Anyone else do this? Any tips on how to avoid? Also I have a few big nights out next week (I can't give them up, I've tried!) and while I go syn free all day, the day after is a killer. Any low syn hangover suggestions?? X
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Hiya. I was exactly the same as you. 100% on plan all week and then come saturday - crash. Did this for weeks until it finally got through to me - I wasn't helping myself at all!! I was having a chinese and then popcorn on a saturday night - outside my normal syns.

I got all determined one weekend and stuck to the plan 100%. Every weekend after that just got easier. I think if you are strict with yourself for a few weekends in a row it just becomes the norm then to stick to the plan. Does this make sense?

Ive had a good steady weight loss since I changed my weekend habits and then there is always your flexi syns to use on the odd night out.

As for a low syn hangover fix I usually make a Free SW fry up (bacon, syn free sausages, eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushroom and boxty) or use two slices of 400gram loaf as a HEAB and have a bacon sandwich :)

P. S - Well done on having a 100% on plan weekend :)