My first time to be the last time to lose this burden!!

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    TRIVENAM Getting there!!!

    Hey all,

    im dieting since i was 20! im now 26 with my 2 little girls and my hubby to be and settled. so...ive decided that now my body is completely all mine (no more children) im going to lose the weight and keep it off to feel great for me :D

    im seriously a yoyo dieter,all slimming plans done including lipotrim,cambridge,sw,ww,unislim,atkins,detox bla bla bla.... and have blamed my weight on absolutely everything but myself. im just addicted to food! i could eat 3 packets of biscuits in 1 sitting if my tummy would let me. and then i could go a whole day without my main aim is to control my mind while controlling my calories and portions!

    so here goes,my first attempt at actually sticking to a diet and making it my final attempt because it WILL work! ill post on here as much as i can each day about what i have eaten and please god this time next year ill be where i want to be...extremely happy!! so good luck everyone and lets do this!

    i started on Monday and will weigh on Mondays too :D cant wait to get to know you all through our journey to skinnyness xxxxx
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  3. Leeanne910

    Leeanne910 Gold Member

    Hellooooo from a fello 26yr old mummy

    U sounds like me hahahaha :) i have 2 sons...and i just eat crap.for.convienience i have a 6yr old and 1yr old....i.lost it.all before on sw and noe have gained it all and a bit.more :( i weigh in usualy on mondays too but had a peak today as.monday was a bit odd as i had some.totm trouble again....

    We this together!

    start: 217.5lb goal:154lb current: 216.5lb (62.5lb to lose)
  4. Andrea1823

    Andrea1823 Full Member

    Hello!! I am a 26yr old mummy too! My daughter is 9months. I am planning on another one but I dont want to be fat and pregnant next time! I am on week 3 and struggling, but I am determined not to let my blips affect the overall picture. 3 weeks in & 9.5lbs down, only 71 more to go :-S Good luck ladies xx

    TRIVENAM Getting there!!!

    ah hey girls! its brill to have 2 new mommys on board and even better MY AGE! lol..well im on day 4 today and im doing good,just wish i didnt crave everything at night,because its ''me'' time now i just like to relax and eat everything i can haha,any ideas what i could have thats little or no cals :D thats a big portion if possible haha! i think if i manage to lose this 6 stone it will be the first time ever i have lost the weight slowly but nicely,,its gonna be tough cause im so impatient! :( thats my downside im
  6. Leeanne910

    Leeanne910 Gold Member

    How are u other mumzys doin?!

    start: 217.5lb goal:154lb current: 216lb (62lb to lose)
  7. Andrea1823

    Andrea1823 Full Member

    I weigh on Wednesdays but overall I am 9.5lbs and 15cm smaller :)
    How are you getting on? Xx
  8. lorlorx

    lorlorx Member

    Hi i'm a mummy too! i'm 23 in a couple of weeks and my daughter is 19 months...lost 3 stone a few years ago on Slimming World, but i've piled on the pounds since giving birth and having PND! Anyway i'm stuck in a rut and need to sort myself out, can I join you all!? xxx
  9. Andrea1823

    Andrea1823 Full Member

    Of course you can!! Have you started SF yet? Good luck on your journey. Xx
  10. Leeanne910

    Leeanne910 Gold Member

    I lost 2lb :)

    start: 217.5lb goal:154lb current: 216lb (62lb to lose)
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