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My first week and.....

I have lost a stone (14lb) in weight!!. I am doing the 1200 kcal diet, i am so shocked to have lost as much as that.

I have a question about water. I have been reading up on the water, and it saying that to much water can be harmful, how much water do you all drink? (my bmi is very high, but i need to do this plan until my bmi is below 40).
I am drinking out of a 750ml bottle, and i am so thirsty with this diet, my throat actually gets sore, i drink between 5-6 of them a day now with this diet. Is that OK?

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Hi hun, congratulations on such a big loss - that is great!

Firstly - to answer your water question - that is a fine amount to be drinking, so don't worry on that scale - 5 of those bottles is about 3.75 litres, so that's not a problem at all. When they say toooo much water, they are talking about 7 litres etc, but yes you do get thirsty, and water is great for the body.

I have to ask this next question. I started Sole Source at a BMI of 42.2 - who has told you that you have to do 1200 before you can drop to a lower plan?

Wishing you all the very best for another successful week, CD really is a great diet. xx
My doctor refused to sign my medical form due to surgery policy. So once my BMI is down to 40, my Counsellor said i could do the ss one (i can't wait lol, i can not wait to get down to a bmi of 40 to! lol).

Thanks for the congrats, and for answering the water question, i am glad its a fine amount. My throat gets sore and dry so i just keep drinking lol.

The water will help keep you full anyway esp when you do get to SS, so it's really good practice to get into for when you do go down.
Also, as some people will tell you, dropping the plans slowly to go down to SS makes sticking to SS easier, so you may be setting yourself up really well anyway :)

Feel free to keep posting on here, I know everyone will be around to support you. Just sometimes this board is a little quieter than the other ones, but definitely no less supportive. I couldn't have kept going after SS without the ladies on here - they have been a gem to me.


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Well done on a great loss for your first week - great motivation for the rest of your diet.

As Alexmummy says the amount of water you are drinking is fine - you just need to make sure that it is spread out regularly throughout the day rather than in big sections. I drink from a 750ml bottle and find it is just the right size.

Good luck with the rest of your diet!


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Good luck hun and keep on going... you'll be at BMI 40 before you know it, and then you'll really start to race along!

thanks very much :D x
Well done on your weight loss, thats excellent for a first week and even better as you are on 1200... you will soon be at BMI 40 and will be able to work down the plans, or even go directly to SS. Keep up the good work, this diet really does work...


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Fantastic weight loss! Well done. Keep going, don't stray ( bitter experience talking here!) and you will do it. CD is brilliant, follow it exactly all the way. :)

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