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My first week weigh in-gutted

Hi everyone :) Ive stuck to ss completely for the first week,its been a tough week, but I did it. My CDC is on her hols for 3 weeks, so I have to weigh myself until then. Just weighed in and Ive only lost 6lbs, which Im gutted about to be honest, I did CD a year ago a stone lighter then I am now, and lost 13lbs in the first week. Ive had my thyroid removed 3 months ago, and Im taking thyroxine for life, to replace what my thyroid would be doing if it was there!, and Im thinking is it the thyroxine thats made the difference? Im booking a blood test to make sure the levels are all correct, and Im taking enough. And I know its not the scales because Ive been weighing every morning. I know 6lbs is still fairly goodb, but it says in the CD booklet that 5lbs of the first weeks loss is the stored glycogen, and I bought some ketostix, and they are a lovely shade of pink this morning too! However on the bright side, Id be stuffing my face with disapointment usually by now, but Im soooo not hungry or even interested in food! yay :) OK rant over, feel so much better for letting that out! Vickyxx
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Oh but what a good loss when you think about it. So well done on that. I am glad you are checking out whether the drugs you take have anything to do with it, I bet it does. Keep on going and look forward to hearing how you do.


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Hi MoonBeam,

Congratulations on your six pounds off and I know it can be very disappointing when you were expecting over twice that amount, but I have found having had so many restarts that nearly each time I lose a different amount in the first week and have only twice in all my starting attempts got 10lbs. off in the first week.

On the up side you are a stone lighter than the last time you done this diet and you have stayed strong and not turned to food when you felt so disapointed over the scales.

Love Mini xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
There is nothing wrong with 6 lbs...it is a great loss for your first week...well done.
You are definately in ketosis so they fat is well and truly burning...keep it up.
Thanks everyone, it is still a loss :), Ill see what next week goes like and then go and get my blood tested just to rule out the thyroxine dose being wrong. Thanks xx

Mrs V

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I would be over the moon if I lost 6lbs in my first week! I am only on Day 4, so time will tell!!

6lbs is almost half a stone, which is a phenomenal loss!!
Keep it up and you should have another big drop next week.

Good luck Hun.


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