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my first weigh in...........im gutted.


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well, i bounced out of bed this morning, had my morning wee, tentativly (sp) stepped onto the scales and i have lost..........................................nothing!!
zero, zilch, nowt!!!

I am gutted and extremely down now and feel like crying as i know i have followed EE to the letter. ihave ensured my plate is full with 1/2 SF foods ( not 1/3!!), i have weighed all my HE's and i have only had 57 syns all week - WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

I also have had the worst case of constipation i have ever experienced in my life, and i have 'been' a total of twice in 7 days.....very unlike me.

Im thinking EE just is not for me, as i know when i did it last year my 1st few weeks were great but then it just stopped so i think im going to go over to red days and give that a go, maybe the extra HEXB and portioning my carbs will kick my weight loss.

I just cant believe after a week of weighing, not eating crisps/choc as much as normal, and not going out at the weekend i havent even lost a pound! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

And i know that people are going to say ' at least you havnt gained, but it was my first week on plan - surly its not unreasonable to expect a loss of somekind in week 1!!!!

OK, rant/tantrum/paddy over - thanks for listening!!!
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I think the fact that you are constipated is the answer to why you haven't lost anything. I often have this problem though I eat good amounts of fruit and vegetables. I am thinking if you can address that you would see a better loss on the scales. Oh and drink plenty of water.


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S: 17st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 2st13lb(16.8%)
i eat LOADS of fruit and veg tho as its all i snack on and i make sure my plate is half filled with the stuff at meal times, and i religiously drink 2 litres of water a day. i MUST be doing something wrong, i just cant figure out what!! lol.


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I find EE just doesn't seem to suit me at all, whenever I've done EE I either STS or have even gained. If red/green suit stick to that. I do have EE days but never a full week, don't despair about this morning weigh, just think, next week it could be great..


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Give it time. If it's your first week your body is probably just getting used to a new way of eating. And I agree, it's probably due to the constipation. I get constipated whenever I have a change of routine - especially when I go abroad - but have found the trick is eating foods that I know make me "go". For me this is mushrooms and dried apricots (not necessarily together!).


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Also it looks like you have just switched from slim fast so sometimes the body takes a while to adjust.

Also if you are constipated that can def be the problem. I eat fruit and veg like crazy and frequently get constipated. A tblsp of apple cider vinegar every morning really helps me.

Stick with it and i am sure you will lose next week.


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aww bless you thats not fair.

i bet you were upset?rant away on here, i do and i always feel better x

like the girls have said could be your lack of going to the loo, causing this.

Dont give up though, give it another week and i bet next week you will be coming on here saying you have had a good loss.
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I wouldnt worry about it - I had my first weigh in a week ago and was sure I had lost something - but just maintained! Stuck to it rigidly for another week and yesterday had lost 3.5 lbs at my second weigh in - so just keep on going!


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awh i know exactly how you feel ((hugs)) i started sw 3 weeks ago and was certain it stuck to it religiously but only lost 1lb 1st week and then sts the following week i was so demotivated and couldnt understand where id went wrong (i was doing mostly green which a couple of red days over the two weeks).

anyway i re-read my book and realised that i was eating the wrong type of bread so it wasnt allowed to be a heB choice and instead had to be synned:eek: which obviously i wasnt doing:( i was also eating a lot of bananas but read a few people on here saying that they effected their weight losses.

not saying the same has happened to you but its worth thinking about to see if there is anything else effecting it.

i would def try to address the constipation as this might be whats effecting your weight, oh and try to have the 70 syns over the week this week as you might not have been having enough - strange as it is lol that you might not be eating enough.

oh meant to say that when i cut out the bread and the bananas and had at least 10 syns each day on my 2rd week i lost 3 lbs:D


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I'd go with it's the constipation that's causing the lack of loss! Do you keep a food diary on here? Perhaps it might be a good plan, then you (and others) can check you're doing it "right" so to speak :)


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Also it's been found out that if you eat loads of salad stuff you won't lose weight as fast. Something to do with there not being enough fibre in it, nothing for the intestines to get their hands on! Hence the constipation. Are you sure you're eating enough? It's tempting to cut right back when you start. I nearly always have a baked potato with my salads. Really when you start with EE, the more you eat, the more you lose. Oh and double up your syns!


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Constipation is probably the main reason you haven't lost. Also a lot of people find EE doesn't work for them or slows down their weight loss considerably. For example i do red and green days but if i have more than 2 green days a week i seem to stay the same no matter how good i've been with Healthy extras and syns.
I'd recommend going on green and red days and see if that helps, up your water intake as, if you're not drinking enough your body WILL hold onto it and make sure you're using your syns. Your body needs a certain amount of fat etc to work properly and will only get that from syns.
Stick with it hun - i bet you'll have a great loss next week if you can sort out the constipation. xxx
Someone else beat me to it.........if you have been doing slim fast prior to sw it may bethat your body is just overjoyed at "proper"food again, dont lose heart and def' dont give up. xx


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Def sounds like not enough fibre causing constipation - jacket potato or in my case I use dry porridge with sprinkling of all bran plus rasp straw black blueberries on top with a little milk plus pinch seeds few crushed walnuts and few dried cranberries pretty much ensures a "movement" daily.
I agree with the others, its most likely the constipation, that could be a good couple of lbs right there lol also the change of diet could be shocking your body.

i wuld stick to it for a few more weeks and you shoudl see a difference


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S: 17st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 2st13lb(16.8%)
oooooooooooh thanks everyone!!!

i have absolutly no intention of giving up at all, i have started today a new day, i have gone back over my food diary and i know im eating pleanty of fruit and veg and water, it could be the change from Slimfast to 'normal' food as well as the constipation, so i am gonna give Green/Red a go and if i really need to a can chuck an EE in if i need to!

Will deffo get all my syns this week as im out this weekend for a few drinkies so trying to wath my syns in the week to accomodate this, I just need to address the constipation!!!!!!!LOL

I have struggled to get myt HEXA each day so i think i am going to start the day with a glass of milk with my breakfast so i know thats covered then.

Thanks for all your lovely comments, it was lovely to come home from work and see them all there!