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Green Days My First weigh in..

That's how it works sweets!
You tend to lose lots in the first week, and then it slows down a bit. I think it's because it's a bit of a shock to the system.

Well done on your huge loss!!


Slowly Getting There ....
I know being bloaty week I'll not prob be losing any next week..may well put some on...

...but i don't see as much as 6 lbs going back on... think positive! hehe

That's a stone gone this year that I don't *ever* want to see again.. do you hear me, weightloss fairy!


I think a lot may be to do with the fact I haven't had any bread at all despite being a bread fiend before... not because I'm depriving myself, I just don't want it...

So the loss could be my body saying HEYY where's my bread??!!??? and going into shock lol...




Slowly Getting There ....
or it could be you worked for it and should celebrate the effort instead of putting youself down with negatives :)
LOL ok :)


It was quite an effort.... hubby being on plan too means that I try to find things we can all eat.. then the kids want to as well!

I'm going to have to do another online shop at Tesco and add a lot more quorn I think... that was a definite hit as everyone thought it was great!

Got 2 peppered quorn steaks in the fridge though.. the kids are going to have a moan that they can't have any... I just bought up whatever was 0 syns and quorn in stock at my Tesco so I could try it all out

Well tired today, may go for the curry again as it's simple, just like me :) ... well it's another week now isn't it? lol.... I'll just repeat the hits from last week lol



Excited about the new me!
Wow.. what a fantastic loss and all that food too, hard to believe isn't it?

I did this years ago and lost 3 stone, so have dug out my old book and following this from home and getting my support on here. I am quite focussed as do gym and classes so its working ok at the moment. I might need to go to class soon though if I hit a wall.

I'm on my 1st week 2 and have peeped at scales yest morg, official WI not til Thurs, but already lost 4lb. I do 2 green days then 2 red, and I do think that some of the food especially pasta and sauce, is bloating so will stear away from those type of foods.. Trying out lots of recipes too, stops it getting mundane, by eating same foods. x


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Well done - great loss

Good luck for this week

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