my first weigh in


well i went and got on the scales this afternoon and it came up with a 11lb loss.Yes thats correct 11lb.

I started this diet thinking i would try it and see how i feel and i feel fantastic.

thanks for all your support this week you are all stars:)
Congratulations tickle :D

11 pounds is wonderful!!!

WOW!!! Big incentive to keep going for the week ahead:D

good luck with next weeks weigh in! (im assuming u think the diet is fab and u r going to do a 2nd week lol)
Wow, That is truly fantastic!!! Well done!!
thanks andy.Yesterday i really thought i had cocked it up by eating a few chips.
I am going to do my best next week but if i have a little mishap then i will get over it.

i am hoping for 2lbs next week anything more is a bonus.