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My fitness pal, daily calories 1200. Good LC savoury snacks??

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by LadyFaulky, 10 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. LadyFaulky

    LadyFaulky Active Member

    I am 30 at the end of next month and down to my total laziness I have put on weight in the last 6 months

    so Tuesday morning I am hitting the MFP (how I lost weight last time) and my gym again.

    I don't have a sweet tooth & love savoury things, what does everyone choose for a snack?

    hope you're all doing well! x
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  3. sprytez

    sprytez Well-Known Member

    ricecakes, carrot sticks, portion of nuts (pistachios in their shell, so i have to work to get them and don't scoff them all in one gulp), babybel cheeses, celery sticks...

    good luck!
  4. lottiebird

    lottiebird Well-Known Member

    Laughing cow light (25kcal each) and ryvita crackerbread (95kcals for 5), and I really like velvet crunch crisps which are 80 something.
  5. vickykelly78

    vickykelly78 Well-Known Member

    I've just discovered Aldi's own Monster Munch! Beef flavour are 89cals and so full of flavour!! X
  6. JackC

    JackC Member

    I love blueberries and they are really really good for you, i get mine from lidls , little punit 60 cals and cost 65p!
  7. LadyJo

    LadyJo Well-Known Member

    Cup a soups are good for a filing snack. And sometimes I spread a little light Philly on a ryvita to dip in. Or fridge raiders only 100cals ish for a bag. Good luck!!! :)

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