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My Fitness Pal


I'm cat_1977 over there so shouldn't be too hard to recognise me!
Im confused with the calories ... it says like 4420 calories is ur goal or something, is that per week? x
I reckon there could be something up with your settings. When I first signed up I accidentally set it for a weight gain so it was giving me way too many calories to eat. Maybe have a little look at the height, weight, sex and goals that you logged as there may be something funny going on there. I'm on 1200 calories per day which i think it about average for many women.

As for the 30 day shred. It's a workout DVD by Jillian Michaels (the female trainer on the American Biggest Loser). The idea is that you do 20 mins a day for 30 days and you lose loads of inches and lbs etc. After my first 10 days i'd lost 4.5 inches so i can def vouch for it. There are three levels so ideally you do one for 10 days each but they are super tough so you may find you need to stay longer on one level or another. I'm finding level 2 really hard. There are a few threads dedicated to it on here so if you decide to give it a go there is plenty of support for you (as usual!).
Hi girls, I just signed up for my fitness pal too - my name over there is DellyLouLou so add me if you like =)

Oh and cat, thanks for the Shred DVD tip, I shall deffo look into getting myself a copy x x x
Oh and cat, thanks for the Shred DVD tip, I shall deffo look into getting myself a copy x x x

You're most welcome! It really is great - but tough. I have to admit I've taken a few days off but determined to get back to it tonight.

Love how we're all finding each other on MFP! I joined 2 days ago and have so many friends already so thanks everyone!

Going well so far but I'm away for the weekend and so new to this calorie counting lark I'm terrified. I will be at a christening (cakes and sambos), out for dinner and on a bit of a drinking session. Any advice for me?
The 30 day shred is very hard and does take commitment, but the results are so worth it. I lost around 10" altogether and looked really toned.

Not sure I can offer any advice Cat on your weekend away, as I failed miserably on mine!! However if u do slip up a bit, the key thing is to get back on track straight away and do some exercise to make up for it :)
Oh dear girls, myfitnesspal has messed up somewhere and no matter what I try, it wont let me lof into my account - dammit! So Ive got a new account and new username so if you get a friend request from xDellyLouLoux , that's meeeeee! How are you all doing? x
PLease add me too.. rebecca1608

It is great seeing how well everyone is doing


Slimming down the aisle
Can add me too caroline_g, I have gone through and added those that put their username here :)
Hello add me to angiepower thx

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