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    Lost loads of weight about 4 years ago using Orlastat, Over the years I have regained almost all of it. I felt myself getting out of control but I was unable to grab it. The Final straw came when my boyfriend began making Jokes about my weight. I made a choice to get back in control of my life. Firstly, I shed 15 stone in one day when I told my now EX boyfriend to piss off. From then, I do feel more in control. I have cut myself down to 1 meal a day, replacing my other two meals with Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake Chocolate Delight. I have been on doing this for a week now, with no problems. I just eat whatever I want for my main meal, i don’t calorie count that. I do like snacking the odd time, so I have changed all snacks to Hot chocolate (weight watchers, pre portioned 33cals) That gives me my choc fix. I will also have the odd pre portioned bovril beefy drink or a chicken cup a soup.
    I officially start my diet on Mondy, I have been following it strictly but this is my weighing date. Ive took a few photos to shame myself too! Im feeling optimistic and looking forward to getting my life back.

    22/1/14 Saturday Shake for breakfast 201 cals Lunch 201 cals Dinner. A fecking soul distorting Kebab, I had originally thought that because it's mainly meat that it would be a healthier option. I ate about half of it and when I checked on line what the calorie count. Abomination! At best, that kebab had around 2/3 of my daily cal intake. Kebab 1000cals Snacks 33 cals hot chocolate. Total 1435. Was 100 cals over my needed deficit. Awesome 23/1/14 Breakfast shake 201 Snack 33 cals choc Bovorl 100 cal.
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    I've been doing it for about a week now. I officially start tomorrow. Wanted to take a week first to make sure I could do it.

    Dinner- Sunday dinner meat, gravy roasties ate most of it - 700 cals

    2 more 33cal weight watchers drinks

    My second shake 201 cals.

    33 x 3 9 99
    800 cal deficit. Bout 100 under should make up for yesterday.
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    Today was the official start of my diet but today was also the only botched day I've had so far! My own fault really, was just poor planing on my part. Ran out off milk for my shake for breakfast. Ended up buying a subway right before I started my exam. Sigh.
    Curry spilt for dinner
    Milk shake
    No snacks.
    Will work out cost in cals tomorrow and fully chastise myself when I'm not about for pass out.

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