14lb down for Xmas - My diary

T2 mamma

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Hey everyone complete newbie but excited to share my journey with like minded serial slimmers :)

So 7 weeks until xmas 2021 and as with every year I would love to be able to look back and think I did it this year! So today I have started the exante plan. I am currently planning on using 3 products a day with a 200 snack which i will be planning to have veg and cottage cheese/houmous.

I am a member at the gym so will be planning on having an additional meal 3 or 4 days a week consisting of around 200 cals (possibly an additional shake or bar) to support the calories burnt so I don't feel like I am dying.

To give perspective I am probably consuming on average 2500-3500 calories a day to be the size I am currently.

Feel free to share your journeys with me would love to hear your stories and follow your journeys 🥰
First day down and 2lb down!!!! Absolutely buzzing with that to be honest! Loving the latte shakes and the mint choc shakes. Can't wait to sample my first meal pot and soup as these will be used for my lunches on colder days where i feel like more than a milkshake but I can see this working for me long term.... CANNOT WAIT TO WEIGH IN ON NYE AND SEE THAT STONE GONE FOREVER :p:p:p:p:p:p
Welcome @T2 mamma to minimins I do not follow exante plan but slimming world. I find being on this community has helped keep me on plan. I also joined a couple of challenges. Where we report in weekly our ups and downs. one is Easter challenge 2022 and the other is team 50 Christmas 2022. We support each other through the weight loss journey and celebrate our victories. I find reporting each week helps keep me motivated and on plan. Without the great bunch on here I would not have got where I am today.